June 26, 2017


3rd Mission Assignment - Cordon del Plata


Elder Thompson


So, this week we were flying all over the place...

Monday, after finishing P-day, we received a message from the zone leaders asking; "Hey, can you conduct a baptismal interview? ... Here in Tupungato? ... Tonight? Ya fue con todos nuestros citas. It was funny because this was the first baptismal interview I'd ever conducted, and the lady I interviewed was by far the sassiest and most fiery little, old lady I will ever meet. It was a riot the way in which she responded to the questions, but as she talked, I was really able to see that she had a solid testimony, and that she was willing to live the principles she had been taught. It was a remarkable interview, and she got baptized on Tuesday. After that, we had Tuesday afternoon to work in our area, and Wednesday. Thursday we planned for the upcoming week, and Thursday in the afternoon, we had to go to Tupungato again to stay the night, due to the fact that the bus for zone conference left Friday morning at 6:30.

We didn't get back to our area until Saturday morning (details on zone conference to follow), which is when the counselor to the mission president and 2 brethren came and finally fixed Calcifer (our heater - more details on that one to follow as well). After they left, we ate muy rapidito, and headed over to Tunuyan to participate in a Capilla Abierta (‘open chapel’ - more details on that one to follow as well). We got back to our area Saturday night, had church Sunday morning, had branch council meeting (¿esto es como se dice reunión de consejo de Rama en Ingles? No se. Es muy raro escuchar la palabra "Referrals" en ves de referencias... que raro.), and were able to squeeze about 2 hours of work in on Sunday night before Elder Thompsons head started hurting again, so we headed back to the apartment (también eso es muy raro porque aquí se llama la Pensión) and he rested while I cooked, studied, cleaned and did the weekly District leader call in report... and now we're here! It's been a crazy week to say the least.

First and foremost: regarding the Zone Conference was amazing. Between the Capacitaciones... I'm not sure what to call it in English maybe Bella can help with that one... and the final testimonies/Last-final-requests/maxims-for-living-both-in-and-out-of-the-mission, It was quite an awesome experience. It was inspiring, a little bittersweet, and generally just awesome. I even got a birthday song! (I'll see what I can do to upload if not send the video directly.)

Second; regarding the heater in our apartment (Calcifer). As you all know, Calcifer had been dying recently, and so the mission finally puso las pilas and came and fixed him. After cleaning him out with acid (Hard water had been building up inside the pipes, resulting in decreased water flow), and giving him new plastic pipes that wouldn't allow the hard water to build up, (I like to think that they gave him plastic surgery), Calcifer now works amazingly well! We've got hot showers! We've got shaving water! We've got hot water to do our laundry! It's a miracle! Then they didn't stop there. They went to town on the bathroom, scrubbing and cleaning it, the stove, the floor, the toilet, it was impressive! (I'd been trying to clean them since I got here with bleach and detergent but it would seem that the best way to go is just splash acid on it to eat away all the mold, grease, stains, and so forth... it was really impressive). Now almost all of our water faucets work normally (which is mind-blowing because when I got here, only 40% of them were functioning normally). The Shower spits hot water and is spotless. The Stove is spotless and cleaned! It's a miracle!

Lastly; as for the Capilla Abierta, (open chapel), it's an even that we do to basically show everyone and anyone who we are, what we do, and what we believe. It went really well, and the members over in Tunuyan participated in a major way! It was amazing!

Other than that, it's been an interesting / exhausting week because the work goes on. I love being a missionary, and even when it's hard. The best feeling is still coming back to the apartment and face-planting on the bed and sleeping better than I ever thought I could. I love this work, and I know the lord's hand is in it. I hope you all have a great week! Love you!

-Elder Bigley


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