June 5, 2017


3rd Mission Assignment - Cordon del Plata


Elder Crowther

"And today, we sailed on..."- Cristopher Columbus

¡Espero que cada uno de ustedes están bien!

It's been an awesome week, here in Cordon del Plata. We had comp exchanges with the zone leaders this week, and it turns out that Chileans just seem to all be really funny. Elder Vega's a pretty great guy as well...
I finally got a clear day to snap a picture of the Andes in the morning, all blanketed in snow (seriously, it really is difficult to focus on being a Missionary sometimes what with the beautiful stars of the Southern hemisphere at night, and the grandeur of the Andes on the Horizon).
Unfortunately Calcifer (our Grumpy, old hot water heater) is still in limbo... The pilot light comes on, but the rest? ni ahí che... Thankfully it's really cold so I don't sweat at all and I can keep clean with the cup showers and a lot of scrubbing.
The work has been advancing steadily here in 'mini-Bolivia', between a mountain of progressing investigators and lots and lots of service this week (constructing 2 houses, and helping a single mother and her 8 year old son move out). We find it hard not to get back to the pension (what everyone calls apartment here) with just enough energy to collapse face first on our beds.
Mom recently commented to me that my Mission has been 'flying by', and until she commented on it, I really hadn't realized that I've been here for so long. I barely feel like I've been here for 3 months let alone 7 and a half! Missionary work is very much a 'head-down-feet-moving' thing (as my dad used to say), but when one stops to take account, it's pretty easy to see that Heavenly Father has been at the helm guiding you all the way.
Good news dad! One more item off my 'to-do' list for Argentina... I finally found the southern cross! I was in a comp exchange with Elder Vega (the new
Chilean elder), and he pointed it out to me. Still searching for the Magellanic Clouds though...
As for what else has been going on, well, that's about it... Elder Toone is 'dying' this next week (going home that is...) so the whole zone's headed to the Chapel here in Tunuyan to have an Asado, play some Fútbol, bit him 'via con Dios' and have a blast!

Stay frosty! Love you all!
Elder Bigley

-Elder Bigley


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