June 12, 2017


3rd Mission Assignment - Cordon del Plata


Elder Thompson

Transfers :)

So, what's been going on here in the Argentina, Mendoza Mission goes as follows:

President Goates, our Mission President, is finishing his Mission of 3 years as being the head of Missionary work here in the region. He's really a great President, and an even greater guy. President Goates will be leaving in approximately 3 weeks. We've come to the close of a 3 week transfer (half the typical 6 week period), and are starting a longer 9 week transfer period. President Goates will be leaving 3 weeks into this next transfer, and the same day, President Pansaki (from Uruguay), will be coming and taking the reins. We're all sad to see President Goates head out, but equally we're excited to receive President Pansaki. ¡A si siga la obra misional!
In other news, my capo de un companion, Elder Crowther, is packing his bags and heading out of this area. He heads to San Martin to continue being a District Leader. I will be receiving Elder Thompson, a great Elder from my MTC group, a native of Yakima WA. He's a ball! However I'm sad to see Elder Crowther head out, I'm equally excited to see Elder Thompson come aboard. Looking forward to an awesome transfer...
In still other news, I've been - - promoted?! I suppose that's how to say it in military terms... Se que la Biblia blanca dice que nadie es mas importante que cualquier de los otros, pero igual... Siento muy raro. They've made me District Leader! ACK!! This'll be fun - I think... On one hand I'm excited to take the reigns, but on the other hand it is strange to be thought of as an experienced, 'old hand'. However that being said, I don't look to bolster any narcissistic pride or anything of the sort - - but to affirm that I know that with faith, the Lord is willing to take us over mountains... As I've said before, it's 'head down and feet moving' out here on the Mission trail I think - jajaj!
Speaking of the results of faith, I've got another small miracle... CALCIFER!!! He actually worked! There I was on my way to take my 'cup shower' (mosquito larvae free mom don't worry), and I hear from the kitchen "Elder! Come quick!" I rushed over in my flip-flops and a towel to see my brave companion Elder Crowther fearlessly facing down Calcifer. With a pair of can openers in one hand, giving it a couple milo-thatch worthy whacks, and the other hand flying between the control of the gas and the sink to change the flow of the water, in 2 seconds, Calcifer roared to life! We didn't have to sacrifice, bribe, cry, or pray! We've got him (Calcifer) down to a science now! After his struggle, I do nothing but stand there in astonishment at a working water heater! After bowing to Calcifer for a while, I sprint into the shower and take a nice hot one... It felt absolutely GLORIOUS. Miracles of faith ladies and gentlemen, Miracles of faith...
In all seriousness though, this really is the work of the Lord. I know his hand is in it, and that if we are willing and faithful to take his hand, he'll guide us right to the beautiful shores of the promised land (complete with hot and cold running water)...

Take care out there, wherever you may be! Stay frosty, and I'll write more next week! P-day this week I'm off to go sightseeing in the woods of Valle de Uco (Uco Valley in English)...

Hasta la Pasta!
-Elder Bigley

p.s. Sorry - No pics this week! My camera won't talk to this computer - por algún razón...


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