May 15, 2017


3rd Mission Assignment - Cordon del Plata


Elder Crowther

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - - here, in Argentinaaaaaa...

So, first things first, Calcifer (our heater) is behaving... Elder Crowther and felt 'inspired' to feast like kings and make a steak and eggs breakfast for ourselves. We shared some with Calcifer, and he seems to have enjoyed it to (joking...). Hoo-ray! Hot showers otravez!
Really though - - the title of this weeks email says it all-- It really is beginning to look like Christmas here. Grandma, I think that weather you blew to me from the Pacific Northwest has finally arrived! The Andes are all covered up with snow and they look beautiful all day long! The weather is overcast and here in the low-lands, lots of rain! No snow yet but we are getting frost on the ground most mornings! If I get a chance to make snow angels, I'll take pictures!
Other goings-on this week were intrevistas ("interviews") with President Goates. They're the last we'll get before the new Mission President comes aboard. His name is President Pansaki, from Uruguay (therefore this was also the last interview I'll be having in English). We're all sad to see president Goates go this transfer, but we're also equally stoked to see President Pansaki take the reigns!
Pres. Goate's ultimate advice to me was interesting... On the topic of maintaining hope and an optimistic view of life, he told me that the secret he's found was 'gratitude'. Gratitude for every little thing is what really keeps a lot of people hopeful. It was really interesting to hear his perspective on this, and he left me with a challenge... That is, 'come up with 5 unique things that you are grateful for each day'. That means you can't put down your family every night. It has to be something different and unique.
I've put it in practice, and it seriously works! Maintaining an 'attitude of gratitude' makes it much easier to maintain a positive and hopeful outlook as well!
Other than that, we did go to an awesome tourist spot here in Valle de Uco, called Cristo Rey (Christ King). Here is found a really awesome statue of Christ at the top of a mountain overlooking the entire Uco Valley. ...Gorgeous pictures to follow!
Welp, other than that, it's been a pretty OK week overall! It was awesome to talk to you guys yesterday via Google 'Hangouts'! ¡Otra vez, Feliz Día de Madres! También, perdón para perderle Isabella! Yo estaba tarde a la fiesta pero ya fue ya, voy a estar escribiendo a vos este próximo lunes! Nos vemos!

-Elder Bigley


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