May 8, 2017


3rd Mission Assignment - Cordon del Plata


Elder Crowther

¿De nuevo un cumpleaños?

Hola Hermanas y Hermanos,

Ack! This week went by really fast! Good news; my ankle's healed up! Sorry if that scared any of you! I've been resting up, but keeping busy as a Missionary should... Now I've got a cold instead - ¡hurra! (It's nothing too big - it's just there and it's annoying.)
The work has been going well this week! Elder Crowther and I have been rolling up our sleeves and really getting cracking down on some of the people that just plain need to get their lives in shape.
We've noticed a few things this week that we hadn't really realized before coming out here on our Missions. For me at least - it is this; that the Mission is hard, es dificil - sure, but surprisingly, it's not quite as hard as I thought it was going to be. Really, more than anything else, I realize that it's the 'realest' thing I've ever done in my life...
...Funny side note, I recently came to the realization that when I signed up to be a Missionary, I signed up to be a marriage counselor, a motivational speaker, a family counselor, and a church on two feet. It's basically what we do as missionaries... We encourage people to do things like drop drugs and alcohol, get married, stop fooling around, and to get off their rears and go out and do something with their lives. It's just that our methods and our medicine doesn't take the form of prescribed drugs, healing herbs or rehabilitation. Our medicine takes the form of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
As I've gotten better and better at teaching and sharing the Gospel, I've realized that the restored Gospel of Christ can be effectively applied to any situation. This is proven out for me after seeing the fruits of our labor this week... Specifically, a pair of recently baptized converts were married and are now complying with the commandments of God, and we also were able to share in a very spiritual fast and testimony meeting in which almost every recent convert in the little branch of 30 or so members stood up and bore a powerful testimony about how the Gospel really changed their lives for the better.
It's really been a pleasure working for the Lord among his children, helping them leave behind sins and mistakes and live a good life. It's also been a pleasure serving here in Argentina of all places. The land is beautiful, and the people (mostly) are really humble, teachable and ready to learn. While all this is going on I am looking out for awesome hoodies, Bolivian ponchos, and Argentine knives while I walk through the street markets and village fairs. Ever weekend is an explosion of color, food, clothes and heaven knows what else on the streets of Cordon. It really resembles an Arabian bazaar for some novel. ...Lots of haggling merchants singing their wares in Qetchua, the smells of spices and of stray dogs all over the place - while old style gauchos ride by, dressed in traditional, well-worn, cowboy-esque clothes, and sporting a pair of newly bought apple earbuds in their ears. It really is a remarkable place.
Well, that's about all I've got this week! I'll write more next week.
Thanks for the card G'ma and G'pa -- the Easter card got here in April but I forgot to write about it in the last email! Sorry, but thanks!

¡Hasta la Pasta!
Elder Bigley


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