May 1, 2017


3rd Mission Assignment - Cordon del Plata


Elder Crowther

¡Hola mis queridos! ¡¿Como están?! ¡Espero que todo va bien con ustedes!

So it's been a pretty crazy couple of days since the last time I emailed you all... Let me take the opportunity now before I forget to say that my Mailing address has not changed, nor will it for my whole mission. The address at the beginning goes with the mail (or if you use 'Missionary Packages Argentina' (a private, much more secure service) to the Mission home, where my zone leaders (the Missionaries that make the trip to Mendoza with frequency) will bring it to me when it arrives. My companion Elder Crowther just received a package from his folks in Flagstaff. ...Real US candy (starburst, reece's peanut butter cups, and sour patch kids), a sleeping bag, and steak seasoning! We've been having some pretty awesome steak and eggs breakfasts this week so far. The mission itself can't endorse 'Missionary Packages Argentina', though if they could they would - - jajajaja! I highly recommend using that if you guys send packages as it really is much more secure than normal mail, and they 'Missionary Packages Argentina' are old hands at the getting things transported around and through this country.
We've been doing OK here in the cold of Valle de Uco in Argentina as the southern winter closes in. Unfortunately, I rolled my ankle in a game of fútbol (Spanish for 'soccer') with the rest of the Zone, and couldn't really walk around for a few days. I had to hang around the house and rest up for a couple days before I could really get around, so the work was a bit slow for a while. That gave us some time to give out casa a little TLC that it needed. We scrubbed the floors, cleaned the bathroom, and organized everything. Now, it`s looking presentable at least (which is ironic because we're not allowed to have anyone but other Elders inside). Even Calcifer (our cranky, old heater) has been cooperating recently! I think we've reached an agreement that he'll cooperate if we share some of our stakes with him -- he likes those...
It's also been really awesome getting to know the people here in the villiage who are mostly Bolivians (so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for one of their coveted ponchos and sharing the gospel with them). They're truly a special people, and the Missionary work has been rolling forth really well here in Cordoncito. Elder Crowther been a real champ - AND WE FOUND PEANUT BUTTER!!!! (It's more of a peanut paste but it's close enough - and available at the small local market (God truely loves his children). I've also spotted a source of Nutella around here but it's suuuuper expensive and only available in very small jars - so I'll just have to be strong and refrain for now - jajaja!
Everything else has been going well! Thanks for the pictures grandpa! I'll put them to good use! I'll probably even get almuerzo (lunch) this Sunday! Everyone will be so happy!

...Including some pictures to show you all how I've been!

-Elder Bigley

p.s. Sorry about so few pictures. Every time I try to upload pics to attach them the email closes on me! Next week for sure!


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