April 24, 2017


3rd Mission Assignment - Cordon del Plata


Elder Nowjack

Cordon del Plata! Elder Crowther! Mountains! AAAAHH!

So... I've got a lot of writing to do :)

The new area is called Cordon del Plata in Valle de Uco. To find it on google earth, it's about the midpoint between Tunuyan, and Tupungato Grandpa!
It's a really small town, most of its inhabitants are Bolivian field workers that are here for the spring, summer, or Autumn. Now that we're headed into winter, things are changing. The Andes are really close and filling up with snow making them a really awesome sight. The People on the other hand? Most headed out for the winter and back to bolivia now that the Garlic harvests and the Walnut gatherings are finishing up.
And my Companion? His name is Elder Crowther. He's from Flagstaff arizona, and is a fulltime hunter. A hunter guide I should say-- which boils down to he gets home from school and goes coyote hunting in his spair time, and spends so much time hunting in the woods that he basically guides hunters to get kills on Elk, Deer, Buffalo, and so on. His favorite colour is camoflauge. That should about sum it all up. He's a great guy, heart of gold, and we've been having a blast sharing the Gospel together.
The Andes, as I mentioned at the beginning of the email, are shockingly close. They're filling up with snow as well, and it's quite a sight. The outside is beautiful. The Apartment however? Erm... I'll get back to you on that. Our hot water heater has quite a personality and we spend all morning bashing, pumping, pleading, and generally trying to get it to work. We've named it calcifer. He's stubborn in the mornings :)
That's about all that's been going on here in Cordoncito, pictures to follow next week-- this Cyber cafe doesn't have a jack that I can hook up USB.
I do have a favour to ask however. Would you all mind sending me pictures of all of you? Family reunions, outings, so on and so forth? All the members here are crazy about pictures of the missionaries' families, and actually, I don't have any physical copies! By next monday would be the best! Much obliged! Send as many as you can find!
Hasta la pasta!
-Elder Bigley


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