April 10, 2017


2nd Mission Assignment - Lavalle'


Elder Olortegui

Southbound - Valle de Uco

¡Espero que todo va bien con cada uno de ustedes!

It's been a really awesome week here in Lavalle, and we've got a baptism coming up this next saturday which makes me really sad to be transferred out. Where I'm headed is one of the more southern parts of the mission, and chances are, I'll be there for the next 4-5 months-- We have a new Mission President coming in soon, so we're looking at some long transfers. But, we're also looking at potential snow... The weather you've been blowing down here finally arrived grandma! thanks!!!!
However, while it does add the the joy of Elder Bigley to finally get away from the triple-digit heat, it does mean an increase of suffering on some of the people we work with-- many of them are not very well equipped for the cold.
Even in some of the instances of poverty we see, it's very easy to find happiness through the Gospel of Christ. The more and more I leave the world to follow Christ, the more and more my testimony grows about this Gospel and how it changes lives. From overcoming drug addictions, to leaving behind less-than-Christian lifestyles, Christ helps everyone. It's truly a privilege to be part of this work, and I'm looking forward to working there in Valle de Uco. It's a very small branch, and they don't have their own chapel, but by the time we're through with it, we'll be making it into a stake! Oo-rah!

Take care of yourselves! ¡que dios les bendiga!
-Elder Bigley


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