March 6, 2017


2nd Mission Assignment - Lavalle'


Elder Olortegui

Another Week, Another Transfer...

Hola mis queridos, ¿como estan todos? Espero que bien!

This week's been interesting here in Lavalle. It's been the first week of the new transfer... As I've mentioned previously, this means I've completed my training and supposedly know -everything- there is to know about Missionary work...
I hear that there's a lot going on in the far off land of the
United States - especially politically, though everything I pick up is hear-say from the people hear in Lavalle, so I suppose I'll find out 'what's really going on' when I get back...
Before I left that land in the distant Northern hemisphere, there was some discussion about fluid dynamics and which direction water drains down here. The sink in the apartment drains clockwise, and so does the shower, though the toilet drains counter-clockwise (but that might be engineered into it - and I'm not a subject matter expert on the design of toilets), so I don't think I've gathered enough data to really say for sure (sorry dad)!
In other news, I now have a new companion! Elder Olortegui "died" (finished his Mission in Missionary lingo) and was received by a very anxious and loving family at 4:00 AM in Santa Cruz, Bolivia this past Wednesday.
Enter now Elder Nowjack, my new companion! He's from Washington, Bainbridge Island, Washington State, U.S.A. to be specific, so we hit it off pretty quickly at that!

This week was a little hectic to say the least (we didn't have a chance to make our weekly plans between Elder Olortegui packing up and my being sick), but it's definitely been a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to this upcoming week, and hope all of you will have an absolutely stellar one as well!

Con mucho amor!
-Elder Bigley
p.s. pictures to follow next week - sorry...


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