April 3, 2017


2nd Mission Assignment - Lavalle'


Elder Olortegui

By All Means, interesting work...

It's been a fun week here in Argentina, adventure details to follow in the larger group email.

As far as the work itself is concerned it's been fairly easy to get lost in it seeing as how Lavalle is pretty huge-- we have 3 large sized towns in our area not to mention all of the little pueblitos and farms and ranches all around. I forgot that time was flying until one of my MTC friends told me we just completed 5 months in the mission-- that went by really fast let me tell you.
It's not by any means been easy but we've been meeting with success. Our investigators are coming to church, changing their lives, and we're hoping to have a few baptismal services within the coming weeks (the next being on the 15th, though we'll see if I'm still around for that-- they might pull me out of this area in the next transfer which is this weekend).
My mission president compared the mission field to a field of roses during a recent zone conference. As we look at the mission field from before the mission, we see nothing but a beautiful field of roses under a swift sunrise. However as we enter the mission field, we discover that walking through the field of roses is a lot harder than we thought it was going to be. There are thorns all over the place, and the noonday sun beats down on us. Baptisms fall through, people stop listening to us, and sometimes people are just plain rude. However as we exit the field of roses we look back, hardly remembering all of the hardships to see nothing but a field of beautiful roses under a beautiful and fiery sunset.
It's definitely like that, but I've been grateful for every mountain the lord has given me to climb, and for every beautiful view he has blessed me to see.
May He bless all of you similarly is my prayer for you this week!

Love you all!

-Elder Bigley

P.S. We've been experiencing some very welcome and much appreciated rain and overcast lately! It's a sight for sore (and very dry) eyes and a welcome break from the 110 degree summer days we'd been having in December, January and February!


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