February 20, 2017


2nd Mission Assignment - Lavalle'


Elder Olortegui

Futbol, People, Estrellas, y Exploring (para la familia)

Did I ever mention that Lavalle' was a lot of fun?

We've been having some pretty awesome success here in Lavalle', including 1 (possibly 2) baptisms this Sabado! Hoo-ray!
Last P-day we had a game of futbol among the fields and crops of Las Violetas, Lavalle', and it was a lot of fun (we got a lot of investigators from it so that's a bonus too).
I forgot to take pictures of the new pension (apartment) but I'll remedy that next week! A thousand apologies!
Thanks for all of the emails you guys have been sending me, the sunrises, the weather updates, and everything! much appreciated! Many of you have been asking about the mailing address of the Mission... I believe the guidelines are that cards are acceptable, but I don't know if you can send packages (without them going missing...) -- it's very difficult to reclaim them from the Mission. There are a number of reasons, but President Goates has said that it is better to send letters instead of packages. That being said, there is a private service called "Missionary packages Argentina". These packages have come through successfully, although as a private enterprise, the Mission can't endorse them.... As for the Address, aqui esta... :)

Casilla de Correo 631
5500 Mendoza

Cabildo Abierto 161
5501 Godoy Cruz

The two families we've been focusing on this week, the Cavieres family and Jhowse family (the latter name being Hebrew in origin) are really investigators of solid gold. They have a lot of faith, and walk for kilometers just to attend Sacrament meeting. Often I am reminded of Christ's observation; "I have never seen such great faith, no not in all of Israel."
These people have really caused me to reflect on my life, specifically on the times when I had been to casual or too late to a meeting. Such an attitude really is not right, especially when we speak of seeking out and striving to become like the creator of all things.
I'm glad for the opportunity I have to serve a Mission, to know these people who - in their own distinct ways are spiritual giants terms of their faith in the Lord.

Take care of yourselves! Love you all!


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