February 13, 2017


2nd Mission Assignment - Lavalle'


Elder Olortegui

Lo siento...

So, we moved pensiones (apartments) this week, and thanks to the members, we got it all done in 1 P-day, though only about 40 minutes before P-day was over so we just had time for some quick food shopping, then we were back to work. So, I'll apologize in advance for the short communication!

Right now I've got a little window of time to email people and do all that jazz so I'll give you quick repaso of what's been happening here in Lavalle with Elder Olortegui and I.
Unfortunately, Elder Olortegui only has about 2.5 weeks left in his mission before he 'dies' (Missionary slang for finishing his Mission)... It's a long story but Hermana Bigley and the other Missionaries will get it.

We've been working really hard lately and it has felt like we were playing in the last 10 minutes of a world cup futbol (soccer) game.
That being said, the Lady that I was talking about in my communicatioon last week (Yolanda Cavieres and her sons, Luis and Gustavo) have been really rendering service, reading the gospel, and praying. Unfortunately they seem to have a challenge with church attendance -- they live pretty far and the first bus that passes is at 10:00 (services start at 9:00) so, thus far the Ward members have been giving her a hand to bring her and her sons to the chapel.
Fortunately, they really are progressing for their baptismal date - currently set for the 25th of February!

Son investigadores de oro sinceramente, ellos no solamente dicen pero hacen tambien-- hey un monton de personas que dicen "si, tengo fe", y no leen, no oren, no asisten, no hacen nada. Pero Hermana Cavieres y luis? son de once.

That's about all from Elder Bigley this week... The weather has been cooling down, and I'll write more next week! I promise!

les amo! -Michael

P.S. Sorry to hear about the Superbowl grandma, a bunch of other emails from friends and other Missionaries are all in uproar as well...


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