January 23, 2017


2nd Mission Assignment - Lavalle'


Elder Olortegui

My My - How Time Flies!

Chau December, Chau Enero! My - does time fly indeed when you're working hard and having fun! :)

As for what I've been up to recently, if any of you were guessing "a whole lot of missionary work" you'd be absolutely correct. If any of you were guessing "being attacked by dogs" you'd be correct as well! (more on that in a second) It's been a really good week, a little hectic because we've been having a crazy amount of meetings in Mendoza, and the problem is that it takes about an hour and a half to get from Lavalle to Mendoza by bus 1 way... meaning a lot of time in the buses.

So about a week ago, we were looking for a reference we had obtained and were knocking doors asking around trying to find were this family live (the addresses aren't like the nicely organized house numbers in the United States)... In Argentina it's more like "get off at this bus stop, and walk until you see this tree, and take a left and it's the third house on the right". Pero esta bien, it's an opportunity to share the gospel with more people! Huzzah!

'Anyways' - we came up to this one house with a relatively grumpy looking dog (fairly large-- usually the biggest around here are the rottweilers but this one was pretty big too) and decided we ought to knock the door and ask about our reference. It was my turn to knock, so glancing nervously at the dog, I said my prayers and quoted to my companion something along the lines of "...though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death..." and very slowly walked towards the door.

My resolve didn't last long. I made it to about 5 feet away from the door and then the dog decided it had had enough of my nonsense and started running right at me. I did what came naturally which was back up, then raise my foot. Thankfully my shoe lined right up with its' mouth and it got a facefull of my heal (I'm glad we bought thick soled ones mom!) and the dog quickly retreated, very confused. Long story short, Elder Olortegui got lost real quick and decided to come searching for our reference another day. Sorry to worry any of you, but we've been laughing about it ever since. I'm OK, life is grand! ...Don't cry for me Argentina...

Funnily enough this happens fairly often here in Argentina -- there's a lot of dogs (both wild and domestic) around here but usually they're pretty friendly. Rottweilers are a bit scary, and I'll tell you guys -that- story another day.

The heat has been pretty intense, and the mosquitoes have been relentless and the best part? ...Our electric fan broke! Huzzah! Lately, we've been having something called a 'Viento Zonda' (basicamente significa "Hot wind" but it's really code word for summer thunderstorms). So, the weather has been interesting but it's a welcome change from 104-112 degrees Fahrenheit. At least it feels nice and cool to us... It sounds like it's been some interesting weather and times for all of the electric PG&E guys there in California! ...Rain or shine, the work of the Mission goes on!

We've been working really hard at teaching people and have a bunch of folks that are progressing.

A particularly funny story; We were waiting for our stop in the bus and figured we'd walk towards the rear to get ready to get off. A lady stood up, "permiso permiso" she uttered as she weaved through the people to get to us. "Ustedes son los misioneros mormones?" "Are you the mormon missionaries?" "...Yup that's us ma'am..." "Great! I want to be baptized in your church and my children too!" Long story short she's progressing steadily and will be baptized shortly!

Love you guys! I'll write more next week!

(also dad if you could send some music from the Mormon tabernacle choir that'd be awesome!)

Love you guys!

-Elder Bigley


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