January 16, 2017


2nd Mission Assignment - Lavalle'


Elder Olortegui

Primer Translado! First Transfer! ACK!

Hola amigos y familiares,

Don't worry nothing changed -- usually the area and companion change every 12 weeks or so, so I've still got about 6 weeks here in Lavalle, Argentina with Elder Olortegui.
It's been an interesting transfer -- it flew past in the blink of an eye, and I've only got about 15 left! If anything, that fact has filled me with determination to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in the work.
We've been helping out a lot of people, but by far the ones that stick out to me the most are Familia Avila. They don't have much. A house made of mud bricks with not but a dirt floor. Sis Avila is a single mom taking care of 5 kids, working her long days out in the fields. It's been amazing to be able to see the Lord's hand help her through her trials, and to see how one doesn't need anything except faith and gratitude to experience true happiness.
So all in all, thanks mom, and grandma, for all the struggles, worries, craziness and stressful situations you've had to deal with on my behalf, and in gratitude for the position you've held (and still hold) as a mother (and grandmother) -- Thank you.
Wow, that got really heavy, really fast. We've really been having a blast here! It's elder Olortegui's last transfer, so we're determined to make it a good one! ...Gonna be great!
Also thanks for the music (Handel's Messiah) dad and for the Olympia update Grandma! The Seahawk's performance this year is gonna be sad news for the surprising number of Elders here who are Seahawks fans... I have no idea why since most of the Elders from the U.S. here are from Utah and Idaho...

Take care of yourselves! God be with you!

-Michael (o Elder Bigley suppongo si quiren)

p.s. Sorry for the lack of pictures, I've desperately been trying to get my hands on an SD card for my camera to be able to share what I see here - pero todavia no-- les amo!)


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