December 26, 2016


1st Mission assignment - Mendoza


Elder Olortegui

Frohe Weihnachten

Merry Christmas Familia y amigos!

I appreciated the Christmas call from mi familia and emails from mi amigos! Glad to know everything is continuing on as it should up there in the Northern Hemisphere!

Life down in Argentina is fun as always... A few things I forgot to mention in the Christmas call are to follow;

1.) A few days ago (last Thursday I believe) we had our regularly scheduled interviews with President Goates (the mission pres, really great guy from California. He worked on development for military of unmanned drones... cool stuff), and he wanted me to tell you all these two specific things. The first being have a very merry Christmas. The second however is a specific set of words he wanted me to tell all of you specifically and they are as follows; "Mom, Dad, and any other family members present, I am really loving it here in Argentina, and I am meeting with unbelievable success in the mission field. I also am making very large strides to become an exceptional representative of Christ, and you should have every reason in the world to be proud of me."

2.) Thanks for all of the love and support from you guys, as well as the letters and emails you´ve sent me. I read them when I can, and they always provide me with that little pick me up to get me through the week. So thanks (also, if anything, letters are really the bomb... So please - send away! Usually (unlike packages down here) letters get through just fine, so please don't hesitate to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard)!

3.) I didn´t have my mailing address during the skype call, but I do now so here it is... :)

Elder Michael Talaolevave Bigley
Cabildo Abierto 161 Godoy Cruz
Mendoza 5501 Argentina

Well, that´s all I´ve got for this week. Know that Elder Bigley is working hard, and eager to let the 'good times roll' as they often do on adventures such as these.

Take care of yourselves, and I love you all! Feliz Navidad!

- Michael


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