November 9, 2016


Provo MTC


Angels on my shoulders - I got pictures to prove it!!

Hola everybody,

If you thought that my weekly email was going to be that short, think again!

Anyhow, as I was saying my companion, district, and zone are all really amazing. There's been a lot going in this last week, which I'm sure won't change in the weeks to come.
Spanish is coming a lot easier to me now, and it's pretty amazing-- I've learned more Spanish in 1 week than I have with 3 years of school. To give you some idea, I can actually talk to native speakers from Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Argentina and so on in (albeit patchy Spanish). But the more and more Spanish I learn, the harder and harder it is to remember my English.
I've given multiple lessons so far and been able to invite people to improve their lives in a variety of ways be it through serving others, loving their family members, or even just by sharing a short message with them. I've never been so happy to serve others before. I can't wait to get to Argentina.
Recently Elder Krambule and I have started teaching a guy by the name of Julio. He's a native from mexico that has a lot of questions for us and we can only be too happy to help him out. He's really friendly, and even told us not to be nervous with our patchy Spanish. He's really a great guy, but something that occurred to me right after we finished our lesson was that never before have I had such genuine love for someone right from the moment I met them.
Another funny thing to not, our first investigator, Miguel, turned out to actually be our teacher. It was pretty trippy to see the guy that I've been teaching who used to throw up walls and fidget and act uninterested - turn into one of the best, most inspiring guys I've met.
In other news, remember that awesome district I told you guys about? (To clear it up, a district is a group of about 6 companionships -- 12 missionaries total that all have class together.) Well, we spend most of our days studying but we actually put together a pretty sweet performance of ye elders of Israel. I'll try to get a video to you guys if I can.
But hey! That's enough about me, tell my about all of you! how are you guys doing? College? Jobs? Chilling out? you name it! I'm anxious to hear from you! I miss you guys a lot, and I don't think that's going to change any time soon. But if any of you are worried, know that I'm actually having a really great time out here. Take care of yourselves, and I'll write you legends in a bit! Hasta Luego! Nos Vemos!

P.S. I finally got my camera talking to the computer so I can send pictures! Hoo-ray!


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