September 17, 2018


6th Mission Assignment - Rawson, Argentina


El Trio

Wacky artists, Zone and Stake conferences, Mountains, and Last Goodbyes

Hola Amigos y Familia,

It's been a great week!
My new District Leader is Elder Nielsen from Utah (an aspiring artists with a gift for really detailed illustrations and goofy ones too). I'll be sure to include a few of his drawings because they're just awesome. He's even been drawing me! It's pretty crazy the level of detail he can get into his illustrations, and then he goes and draws some goofy doodle just to shake things up.

In other news, I attended my last zone conference this week (which was a roller coaster of emotions as I bore my last testimony to the mission). I also was able to attend Stake conference which was awesome because this Stake includes the branch of Lavalle, where I first started my Mission. It was great seeing all those wonderful member friends again, and especially seeing my converts still going strong! They've grown spiritually so much! It was great to see that they're still super active after almost two years! It was really a thrill this Sunday.

Today we went and ran up and down some mountains which was awesome for pictures and awesome to be in the outdoors after a long spell of not seeing any mountains at all...

The Zone Conference was really a melting pot of emotions for me... I saw various Elders that stepped into the MTC with me about 2 years back bear their testimonies perfectly in Spanish - which invited the spirit. The presence of the Holy Spirit was strong throughout the whole conference, from when I got up to the time Elder Tew finished (we went in alphabetical order). By the time we were through there were a whole lot of tear filled eyes (including my own) as we testified of the work of the lord, of our experiences out here in the mission field, and most of all, our love of the Savior.

It really was hard getting down from that pulpit knowing that it would be the last Zone Conference I would attend. But it was then, and is now a pleasure to be here, doing what I do, and living the life of a disciple of Christ. I'm excited to be ending my Mission - as well as a little nervous because one can never know what the future holds... And, I'm really excited to see all of you again (even though I'm still about three weeks out). I'll be giving it my best these last three weeks, and I can't wait to see you all!
I love you all! Take care this week!

-Elder Bigley


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