July 23, 2018


6th Mission Assignment - Rawson, Argentina


El Trio

Week 1 in Guaymallen, Week 1 in 'el trio', and Week 1 hitting the ground running!

Hola Amigos y Familia,

So, here's the happenings on the butter-side-down half of the el mundo!

Last week's email was necessarily short due to transfers, so I'll include a little bit of a review to get us all caught up.

Last week was a sad one since I had to leave San Juan. There were a lot of hard goodbye's to be said, and lots of tears, but I had already been there for a while, so it was time for me to be making tracks. On the humorous side, the families in the Ward I was serving in San Juan has a notably weird farewell tradition... They call it the third baptism-- the first being the baptism by water, then that of fire (otherwise known as the gift of the Holy Ghost), and the third being baptism by eggs and flour for all departing Missionaries when they leave the area. Don't worry, neither of these are delivered to the Missionary by airmail... It's a mini-fiesta/testimony meeting with dinner, eggs and flour, and a good time. It really was hard to say goodbye to all those great Saints, and I'm going to miss them a lot. I've never been good at leaving, and instead of saying 'goodbye' or 'farewell', I've always preferred a "see you later" to those I leave behind here in the Mission. I've never been sure of when 'later' would be, but it just seems easier to say... "later".
But hey - I'm excited to be here in Guaymallen and the people I've met so far are awesome! In other news, our
apartment is a really nice one (especially after some needed TLC), and el 'trio' with a Brazilero and a Guatemalteco is an excercise in'work hard, play hard. We've also a number of people interested in the message of the restored gospel which is always awesome! The members are really cool here, and I'm loving the work!

I hope you all are doing OK out there! I'm always praying for you!

Adios por ahora,

-Elder Bigley


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