July 9, 2018


6th Mission Assignment - Rawson, Argentina


Elder Baldeon

Caught Between a Piano and a Hard Place

Hola todos,

This week was a lot of fun, we did a lot of service projects and my chipped tooth was fixed up so I am no longer introducing myself as 'Jimmy Bob Gump' as g'ma says. Jajaja! 😂

This week as I mentioned was really service oriented... We helped out picking lemons, gathering firewood, and helping out a family in moving (really nice house, really nice people, really heavy piano). Our theories of what the piano was made of ranges from osmium to lead to concrete... We really don't know but between the 6 of us we barely managed to get it handled. ...Lots of memories back to the moving crew from the old Pop-eye movie -- "I got it! No I got it! Don't worry I got it!" Some second thoughts around Elder Uchdorf's 'Lift Whee You Stand' Conference talk. In the end, we managed! Lots of laughs, lots of sore muscles, but we managed!

In other news, transfers will be this next week, so we'll see if I stay or if I go. It may be that I stay here in Rawson San Juan until the end of my Mission! On one hand, that would be nice because I love it here, and the members are awesome, but on the other hand the rest of the mission is getting a lot of snow now - and that would be awesome to - so we'll see what happens.

So all in all, everything's good! Having a good time here in San Juan with Elder Baldeon... I hope you all are doing alright out there!

Love to everybody,
-Elder Bigley


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