June 4, 2018


6th Mission Assignment - Rawson, Argentina


Elder Baldeon

Zone Conferences, Seeing Old Friends

This week was also awesome! Pero primero, la actualización de la semana pasada -- we had a lot of fun with zone conference. Being there for the last testimony of a good friend Elder Crowther and a Sister Missionary from my group, Sister Tica, was an interesting experience. It felt like it had been just yesterday when I was helping the Sisters in my group with their suitcases in the airports, and now they're headed home. Sigh - how time flies sometimes.
It's also crazy seeing how people change in the work of the Lord-- how they grow... Seeing people who didn't even know how to pick up their own socks off the floor back home (like me) help people who have been dedicated atheists for years commit to baptism in the name of Christ, patch families back together, and grow to know their Saviour - is really quite a thrill. It's a work of change, a work of angels on both sides of the veil, and a work of miracles both great and small.
In our latest Zone conference, I also got to see a lot of old Los Pinos friends, after a long time of not seeing them which as awesome. Photos taken, and long awaited hugs were given... Long awaited packages also arrived with very long awaited insoles for my shoes! My feet are in heaven in spite of all the walking we do!
In news from this week, three youth have had their last testimonies and talks, and all are headed out on their missions to Mexico, and Nicaragua-- I'm gonna miss them... It brought back a lot of memories about when I left out on my mission -- really strange this week but it's been awesome! ...I also want to mention the fact that lots of BBQ's have been happening. It seems to be the season, so I'm not complaining!
Outside of that, we've had transfers! ...Turns out I'm staying! My comp's also staying! Yeah not a whole lot to report but staying out is just what I wanted so I'm totally ok with that.

Have a great week! Talk to you later!

-Elder Bigley
p.s. Also Santiago got baptized-- he's awesome!


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