April 30, 2018


6th Mission Assignment - Rawson, Argentina


Elder Baldeon

Week 1 with the new comp, Week 7 here in Rawson, and month 18 out here in the mission field.

Hola Amigos y Familia,

Sometimes out here in the Mission I get a flashback to one of my favorite movie quotes (-I'll try to quote it from memory, It's been over a year and a half since I last saw that movie-)...

" This is it Mr. Frodo. If I take one more step, this'll be the farthest away from the Shire I've ever been." - Samwise Gamgee

I always found it funny that he said that only later to find himself hiking up an active volcano on the other side of Middle Earth with his best friend over his shoulder, to save the world 2 movies/books later... Great example of that 'small and simple things' principle... 😁

After having passed by the 75% point in the Mission (this last week I turned '18 months old' -- (I hope that's how we say it in English, I'm beginning to forget). If I've anything to declare at this point in my Mission, it's of the love I feel for my Savior. He took everything on himself... Much more than just his best friend over His shoulder! In a spiritual sense, he took all of us on his shoulders to the top of the mountain, and saved the world. He made second, and third, and how ever many chances necessary to truly repent and improve possible for each and every one of us! Our helping people to at least grasp the depth of what it all means is difficult (especially since we'll never be able to fully understand how much he went through for us), but very rewarding... I've said it once, probably twice, and maybe even three times before, and I'll certainly say it again; I love being a Missionary.

In other news, week one now with Elder Baldeo. He hails from Lima, Peru, and has been great! He's a quiet guy, but he's an absolute gem of a companion and a hard worker. Also, another open chapel! In our area otravez! Pictures to follow next time!

p.s. Also, the picture of my grumpy face in the morning was because our neighbors were throwing a party from 10:00 the night before until 9:00 in the morning. At lease I now am 'up' on all the latest secular Argentine pop songs -- yyyyeah that caused a few grumpy Missionaries... 😂


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