April 23, 2018


6th Mission Assignment - Rawson, Argentina


Elder Perez

Zone Conferences! Transfers! Open Chapels! Other misc shenanigans...

Hola mis amigos del norte,

This week's been an awesome one! First and foremost, around Thursday we had a Mission-wide conference because our area President of South America, south (Elder Teixeira) payed us a visit. He was a whole array of languages and educational fields that he has mastered which was really impressive, but at the same time not a hint of pride... A real what-we-call "capo" (Argentine Missionary lingo for 'stud'). His training sessions, stories, and lesson analogies included physics laws, accounts from the early days of computer science, and a mix of Portuguese, German, English, and Spanish lingo. It was a blast - not to mention highly instructive as well as inspirational!
In other news, we (Elder Perez and I) had the chance to participate in another open chapel, which is always a lot of fun. Running up to random people on the street and inviting them to a tour of the chapel is always a lot of fun! ...And the best part? Free food! -Just kidding-

The most important (and satisfying) part will always be helping people get to know their savior. 😉 But it is always a good thing to help make people understand and accept the Saints...
In other news, as with other weeks, we did a lot of walking and a lot of teaching this week. I'm probably repeating the same things again that I've said in previous emails, but I was truthful when I wrote about the best part always being when we get to help people get to know their savior.
I'm super happy to be a Missionary. It's the most fun, sad, hard, rewarding, and utterly miraculous work I've even known to do.

Last but not least this week, TRANSFERS!! 😵
I'm staying here in Rawson, San Juan, and my Guatemalteco companion is headed to Colonia Bombal, down south in Mendoza. It's actually an area right next to where I began my Mission, over in Lavalle, Villa Turumaya, and so I'm really happy for him. As for what happens back here in Rawson, San Juan... I'm going to receive an Elder by the name of Elder Baldeon from Lima, Peru. ...Never met him, but only ever heard of him... Most of all, I'm excited to meet him. More news to follow in the coming weeks.
Well, that's about it for this week. Have a great one!

Adiós por ahora,

Elder Bigley


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