April 2, 2018


6th Mission Assignment - Rawson, Argentina


Elder Perez

Choirs, Mish fun, and General Conference

Hola Amigos y Familia,

We have various big events coming up (I'm not allowed to reveal any details so mum's the word por ahora) and so - Choirs are a thing... It's always a lot of fun lately, because between awesome arrangements and awesome Missionaries, choir practices and rehearsals are always a blast, not to mention the fact that the song we'll be singing, 'Come thou Fount...', will always be one of my personal favorites as I know it is with a lot of other people. It'll be fun. Pictures and videos to follow in other emails.
In other news, Elder Perez and I have been working hard and playing hard here in the work of the lord. Lots of teaching, lots of testifying, and as always, lots of walking. I've also recently started delving into the old and new testaments which has been very insightful... Especially delving into the stories of the apostles after the gospels has been doctirnally, spiritually, and inspirationally rewarding. We've also been teaching so many people that after the 4th week here I'm still struggling to remember everyone's name and where they all live. The area itself geographically speaking is small, but it's densely populated. I've mostly been in areas out in the middle of nowhere where landmarks were abundant and concrete jungles scarce, so it's a bit of a change, but it's a fun one.
In other news, General Conference caught us all by surprise on how fast it came up, but it was awesome. I encourage any and all to give it a read / watch.
It's been a great week! Not too much exciting but at the same time, exciting is the name of everything that happens in life! Have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Bigley


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