March 19, 2018


6th Mission Assignment - Rawson, Argentina


Elder Perez

Traslados, Tormentas Blancas, Seeing the sights, and Mansa Mala Suerte


Sorry about the lack of an email this last week... Transfers were crazy! As for what happened the week before, well, not too much... It was our last week with Elder Sosa, who's now in his house having a blast so good for him. Among The things that happened, we had a "Tormenta Blanca" in our area, which is what they call it when all the Missionaries in the zone come and work in our area for a day (meaning a surplus of white shirts in a small geographic area, so it's like a white storm!). Lots of laughs, lots of great stories, and lots of fun. We also got to go to a nice, dammed-up lake called "Los Reyunos" which was super pretty. Pictures to follow...

Per the usual protocol when we all have one of these 'get-togethers', we ate a lot of Argentine traditional barbecues called "asados". First and foremost on the Argentine menu is something called "Parrillado" which is stuffed cow intestines. It's a lot more tasty than what it sounds... It was actually really good! That brings us up to date with 2 weeks ago... Transfers night came, and I got transferred up to San Juan, Rawson, with Elder Perez! He's a great guy from Guatemala, and he's a whole ball of fun.

In other news, I lost my scriptures, (which wouldn't be the first time) so that's ok. ...Just hurts every time that I mark them all up and then lost them 😢. Back to square one - jajaj! Other than that, We're back to San Juan, and lots of dust in the air, which means lots of snivels. But were on the upswing! That's about all I got this week, I hope you all take care out there!

-Elder Bigley


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