March 5, 2018


5th Mission Assignment - San Rafael


Elder Sosa

Poor little robin, walking, walking, walking to Missouri, he can't afford to fix his bike...

Hola, qué tal?

This last week was great! It wasn't overly eventful, but we had a blast anyway. We have a few progressing investigators... One by the name of Eric, who’s a really great guy. He understands the gospel, and whenever we're caught without our bikes, he gives us a Nacho-Libre style lift on his motorcycle with Eric up front and two white shirt and tie missionaries sitting on the back! It's a pretty amusing sight to see.
In other news, we’ve found another investigator by the name of Maxi... He's about my age, he's a lot of fun to talk to… He does parkour. Usually he likes to show us a few flips and acrobatic displays right before our lessons... He's better entertainment than watching the Olympics!

As for the reason behind the title of this week’s message, we're back to square one in terms of our transportation technology… This is due to the fact that my comp's bike's tires are really old and are no longer willing to stay in the wheel rims... He's headed out from here in a week anyway, and so he doesn't want to spend money to repair them… So, it's back to the ‘Mark 1’ transportation system – human feet - for all of our working. :)

In other news, although it is now Autumn here, we're back to the heat (we thought we were through with the worst of it -- but recently we've had some really weird weather down here in San Rafael). We’ve had storms, rain, overcast, and then back to clear skies and lots of heat... Out comes our old sombreros again so we don't receive too bad of a sunburn.

ALSO I RECEIVED A CHRISTMAS PACKAGE FROM OLYMPIA!!! I'm not entirely sure how it came through-- did you guys send it in regular mail?! …The postage service here is notoriously bad about "losing packages" And when they do get through, normally there's a huge, complex, bureaucratic process to actually get the package from the post office, so it's actually crazy that it got through at all! I’m definitely not complaining though! Huge jars of Nutella are always welcome, alongside English newspapers with half completed sudokus and an English funny's section! If that wasn't a throwback to fond memories of Oly-town, I don't know what is!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! (also; yes grandpa, I did get the dropbox pictures-- thanks!).

That's about all this week! I hope you all have a good one!

Elder Bigley


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