February 12, 2018


5th Mission Assignment - San Rafael


Elder Sosa

A Pretty Good week in the Lord's Vineyard

Hola amigos y familia,
This week passed fairly uneventfully... We've been working hard over here in our ‘sketchy’ little neighborhood of Parque el Molino, and we've been meeting a lot of good people and knocking a lot of doors… We have been helping a guy construct his house (pegging bricks on the wall is hard work especially under the intense Mendoza summer sun). …Chock up another life-skill learned on a Mission. All in all, it's been a really great week...

We also got the chance to help out at a baptism. The sister Missionaries work real hard down here. It was a great experience, and then the sisters asked me if I could play the piano for them in their baptism this next week… It has been (let’s just say) a little while since my piano lessons back home… :/

I'm sure that a detailed description of this ‘blessing’ will be included in my next email… Jajaja!

In other news, the heat's starting to subside a little bit out here… The daily highs are more like 32 degrees Celsius or about 90 degrees Fahrenheit - instead of triple digits, which is a big relief... That makes it much less of a burden and the mosquitoes have been starting to lay off a little bit! So that is nice!

Wow - my emails must be boring when I don't have a lot to say… I can report that I really do love the work, and I'm enjoying every day of it. This part of Argentina if far from affluent. We help local families, we make lots of new friends, we sometimes dodge buckets of water, we laugh, we cry, and at the end of the day we collapse on out beds looking forward to another day of service. I'm really proud to be a Missionary, and I'm having a lot of fun laboring in the fields of the Lord.

I love you all!

Saludos Cordiales,

- Elder Bigley


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