January 29, 2018


5th Mission Assignment - San Rafael


Elder Sosa

Transfers (for some folks), And lots and lots of work...

I suppose I ought to start inventing something interesting to say in these emails, because I imagine they get boring to read after a while... let's see... ... ... Oh right! Transfers happened!

Not a whole lot happened to me personally. I'm still here in San Rafael with Elder Sosa the crazy Paraguayo who is still here with me… I happen to be the Elder that'll be with him when he heads home to Paraguay. For those of you who aren't too familiar with the transfer system of the Missionaries, one transfer lasts about 6 weeks and I've been here for 3 transfer cycles. 2 Transfers with Elder Espinoza (which amounts to about 3 months) and 1 with Elder Sosa (which will make about 4 and a half months) here in San Rafael. …And now I'm in for another (which at the end of this transfer will make it 6 months here in sunny San Rafael). However, as mentioned before, Elder Sosa will be headed home at the end of the transfer, leaving the only Missionary who's familiar with the San Rafael area - - being me. This means there's a very high chance that I'll be in this area for yet another transfer making that at least 5 transfers bringing the grand total to 7 and a half months. We'll see how that one goes – jajajaj!

But other than that, transfers are transfers… Elder Moon (my buddy from Layton, Utah) is headed up north to Chimbas (part of the San Juan province) and in his place, his companion Elder Ballantyne will be training. The other companionship in our apartment, has been split up. Elder Banks (from Minnesota) is headed back to Mendoza, and in his place, we received Elder Weaver (from Templeton, CA – woo-woo! aguante Californianos!).

Other than that, the week passed quickly, (and it was a great one!) between a lot of service in various parts, construction, movings, and of course Hilda's niños. We've been working a lot with some potential baptisms on the horizon, and we're really looking forward to ending Elder Sosa's Mission on a high note!

More news next week! I love you all!

Elder Bigley


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