December 11, 2017


4th Mission Assignment - Los Pinos


Elder Espinoza

It's been a fun week

Hola amigos y familia,

I'll start off with the usual statement that starts the majority of my Emails... We've been pretty busy this week. We Missionaries are all gearing up for Christmas, passing out pass-a-long cards for Light the World, Singing Christmas carols in Plazas all around the city, Organizing holiday and Mission activities and, as always, the daily grind of Missionary work. It's a lot of fun, don't get me wrong in the slightest. It's just a little tiring sometimes. We get out, we work hard, we play hard, we get back to the apartment at the end of the day with tired feet (from all that walking and bike riding), tired voices (from all those Christmas carols and talking), and usually cook something yummy! Living in the same apartment with un Chileno y un Brazilero means that we're always cooking something different and all shouting a mix of English, Spanish, and Porteugese at each other. But let me tell you all, it's a ball of a time!

We haven't been letting up in terms of the Lord's work either. Elder Espinoza and I have been putting our old/new bikes to use here in Parque el Molino, San Rafael, going farther and faster to find people to teach and strengthen. To put it in measurable terms, let's just say that Elder Espinoza and I are grateful to be able to arrive at our Ward Mission leader's casa in twenty minutes on a bike instead of two hours walking (an hour and twenty if you're in a rush, and you're a Missionary).
We're also really excited, for this is Christmas season!

The heat is really picking up, the mosquitoes are back in force, and in the midst of all that, we received a visitor this week! Elder Packer of the seventy came and visited the Mission, and spoke on a plethora of topics. Among said topics were; the Light the World initiative and how to take advantage of it, following the promptings of the spirit, and diligence in the work of the Lord. All of it very inspirational.

Other than all our activites, things have been relatively quiet in town, well... as quiet as they can be in a country that celebrates Christmas eve and half of their other holidays with lots of fireworks, lots of loud music, and staying up until four in the morning. We're doing OK though, fighting off the heat, keeping the mosquitoes off, and the usual service activities. Not too much out of the ordinary to write home about I suppose... On an ending note, I've made a discovery that I reckon my parents made back when they were over in the midst of the Sinai desert; my favorite drink - - is a big glass of Ice water.
That's all for this week! Take care of yourselves, and I hope to hear from you at Christmas! Be safe!

- Elder Bigley

P.S. I can't get this computer to work with my camera otravez, so no pictures this week! I hope to be able to send a fulazo this next week!


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