November 13, 2017


4th Mission Assignment - Los Pinos


Elder Espinoza

And So - 'el Calor' (the Heat) Returns.........

Hola amigos y familia,

It's been a great week this week! "Todo tranquilo" as the locals would put it. Elder Espinoza is a great guy, and we're having a great old time serving together. Monday was interesting because we invested some time in helping the new Elders, (Elder Ballantyne from Modesto, CA and Elder Moon from Layton, UT) settle into their new area. The both of them are new to the area and are doing what we Missionaries call "white-washing" an area... Basically neither of them have been there before so their learning everything, and starting from square one. We're doing everything we can to help them out.
Tuesday was our P-day, and we basically spent it cooking as a zone and practicing for the upcoming Stake talent night-- the Presidency has asked us Elders to prepare a piece - more on that to follow... :)
Wednesday and Thursday, we worked - a lot... Lots of walking, and I found that zapateria' and I now have new insoles for my shoes! Hooray!!
Friday night was the talent night show. Basically we acted out some weird variations on stories from the old testament. Filled from stem to stern with talking mules, people turning into salt, she-bears chasing children around the stage, and trying to help whales and Jellyfish onto Noah's ark... Needless to say we were met with roars of laughter and had a great time acting out our parts.
Saturday was interesting... We worked, but in an out-of the-ordinary way... This entailed cold-calling the phone numbers of old investigators to see it they were even still valid. We were able to set up appointments and really find out who is genuinely interested in the gospel, and who not to visit. :)
Sunday was great because we had a Stake Conference. The Choir sang, President Panzacchi spoke, and it was really great. We spent the rest of the evening planning and organizing this week, and working.
And with that, we've arrived at today! We'll be getting together as a zone again, ambushing my companion with a surprise birthday party, and it should be a great time! Pictures to follow...

Love you all! I'll write more next week!
Elder Bigley


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