October 30, 2017


4th Mission Assignment - Los Pinos


Elder McCausland

The 'Big' One-Year mark!

Hola amigos y familia,

This last Thursday marked 1 year since I set foot in the MTC and began one of the biggest adventures in my life.
But first the week...
Monday (P-day) was good, we played some Fútbol as a zone, and had a good district meeting.
Tuesday and Wednesday, we worked a lot, and found ourselves doing a lot of service for Senora Hilda and the niños (what passes for an orphanage around here).
Thursday and Friday, we did more service with our Ward Mission Leader, and also did our companion exchanges with the Elders of Ballofet. Which means I got to spend about 24 hours as Elder Burnett's companion (Yes, the same Elder Burnett from the MTC who met Bella on the mission in Albuquerque). It's a small world after all...
He and I celebrated our year mark together, and had an awesome comp exchange while we were at it!
Saturday and Sunday, we had another opportunity for service, constructing a house for some members that are less than well off financially (what passes for Habitat for Humanity around here), and on Sunday, we went to church and had a good, reverent Sabbath.
This Monday (o sea hoy día) we're headed to a chapel here in the zone to spend our last P-day as a dynamic duo before transfers. There'll be the zone, there'll be barbecues, and it'll be a blast.
Back to the news of the week: As I mentioned, I turned 1 year old this last Thursday, and in spirit of the celebration I made a list of things that have and haven't changed about me. It goes as follows.

What's changed after a year in the mission:
- I can solve rubiks cubes
- I can open and close butterfly knives
- I'm now a clean freak. It's compulsive... I just can't stop cleaning - jajaja!
- I've grown a love for vegetables and salads.
- I've grown a tolerance for soda (don't worry, I don't go out of my way to buy soda... still not a huge fan, but Argentines drink soda more than water so it's hard to go a day without finding a glass in front of me - jajaja).
- I can cook, sew, do laundry, and fix clothes up... the works.
- Fear of talking to people has disappeared
- Friend making-skills have gone up
- I wear Lava-lavas almost every day (around the apartment)
- My testimony/ How serious I take religion has gone way up - by leaps and bounds!

What hasn't changed:
- I'm still a Disney addict
- I'm also still a nutella addict
- I still love reading (if not I've grown to love it even more here on the Mission)
- Still bad at writing and responding to emails
- Still love 'hoddies' (especially if they have llamas or alpacas on them)
- Still have A LOT to learn - and I know it...

That's about all for this week! I love you all! Take care and send pictures!

p.s. Sorry about no pictures this week. The computer is a little wonky. I'll send if I can... If not, until next week!

Vaya con Dios,
Elder Bigley


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