August 28, 2017


4th Mission Assignment - Los Pinos


Elder McCausland

Cabeza del indio, Los pinos, and general San Juan Shenanigans

This week's email will be a little bit short due to the fact that I really don't have a whole lot to report at this time.
First and foremost, we've been working real hard bringing souls unto Christ. The ward gives us a lot of support and this is the first area I've had where I don't really have to worry about strengthening the members or the branch and we can focus solely on Missionary work. The Members here really are remarkable...
Last P-day, we ended up running up a mountain to the Cabeza del Indio and back down. Lots of fun, and pictures are to follow.
While getting to know the JAS (Jovenes Adultos Solteros i.e. YSA) here in my Ward, I'd like to introduce all of you to Sebastian frias, our Ward mission leader. Really great guy, sometimes he can be a little lazy, but hey it's a flaw in us all in varying degrees. However, when asked what animal he would like to be if he had to choose, he chose a turtle. "Porque no hacen nada. Tienen su casa consigo siempre, y realmente so muy lento... muy... como dicen ustedes gringos? "Chill?""
Ladies and Gentlemen. Sebastian frias I oughta tell you about Walter sometime.
Also, we happen to live on a third floor apartment. It's great because we get nice breezes in the mornings, and it looks a lot better after some TLC. Interestingly enough, we've also been discovering pigeon eggs all over the place. It's amusing to put chicken eggs in the midst of them and watch the confusion unfurl when the mother finds there was an unexpected and abnormally large, heretofore unknown egg in her nest.
In other news, we had a multi-stake conference (a little long ways away from out church) where Elder Rasband addressed us (us being Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay). ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS MADE IT! YUSS!!
Elder Rasband's remarks were singular, potent, and profound as the remarks of apostles generally are. He's pretty impressive for an old truck driver... Everyone left that conference spiritually inspired and with a "sleeves rolled up and hands ready to work - Lord, give me work to do." kind of an attitude which was really awesome.
That's about all folks!
Take care this next week! Love you all!

-Elder Bigley
p.s. I suppose it wasn't as short as I thought it was going to be...


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