August 21, 2017


4th Mission Assignment - Los Pinos


Elder Thompson

New Area, New Ward, Poking sleeping dogs... and even sleepier bears

It's been an awesome first week in Los Pinos. To be honest, it was a little crazy at first, what with the mission dividing the area in half, Elder McCausland and I on one side of it and with Elder Skonnard (our lone leader) washing the area (means they're both new to the area) with his Brazilero kid Elder Machado ("the bear").
Not to mention the fact that we're all sleeping in the same apartment-- which is quite a party-- we've have sufficient accomadations, one room for each comapnionship, with a kitchen, bathroom, and study room apart (suffice it to say that we're comfortable in the apartment), it's always un poco loco en las mañanas y las noches.
It's really been a great week, I don't have a whole lot to report. We've been working hard, getting to know the area, and we've been having fun while we're at it!
As for funny things that happened, poking sleeping dogs is always fun to see especially when they're super startled on the other side of the fence.
As for sleeping bears? Let's just say we've had to come up with some pretty creative ways to get Elder Machado out of bed-- he's an ex sergeant in the military as well so his reactions are always funny. The latest report was him putting the chair under the handle for the room so we couldn't get in... fun stuff.
It's been a great week! Pictures to follow! Love you all!
-Elder Bigley


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