August 15, 2017


3rd Mission Assignment - Cordon del Plata


Elder Thompson

Places to think, following spirit chickens and carrots, and craziness in the work of the Lord.

It's been an - - interesting week I should think it safe to say...
First and foremost, thanks for last weeks emails. The subjects were inspirational, and every time I hear from "the good folks back home" (be it about evil robots, Mariners games, sailboats, squirrels, friends weddings, or Mom's awesome spiritual thoughts), it's always an energizer to keep on keepin' on in the work of the Lord.

Now for my weekly report - we'll start off on a weird one...
I've often heard that the porcelain throne, the shower, the ATM and check-out lines, and a host of others are often considered to be places conducive to deep thought. I've even heard one go so far as to say that the deepest thoughts and concepts occur to the human mind while doing the most mundane things. Well, I'd like to announce that I've found another one to add to the list! It takes the form of the roof of the house... Laying down and looking up at the stars, it's a great place to think, to take into account everything that's going on in ones' life, and plus such locations get really good radio reception when you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere (that being the reason I found myself up there in the first place)...
Moving on from one weird thought/Shenanigan to another, Elder Thompson and I happen to do a lot of exploring around our assigned area. While walking down a dirt road in our little area, we happened to see a carrot in the road. It was around a foot long, (grandote), and it pointed further down the road to a street corner.
"It's a sign Elder! We HAVE to follow it!" declared Elder Thompson.
"Wait, what? Why?"
"It's a spirit carrot!"
After contemplating the concept for a moment, I ended up simply saying; "Dále loco, what's the worst that could happen?"
After heading down the road in the general direction the "spirit carrot" was pointing, we found ourselves face to face with a extraordinarily large rooster, walking around.
"A-right... What now?"
"We follow it!"
"o - - k" 🤔
After following the rooster for 15 seconds, it ended up wandering into an apartment building and began scratching at the ground near a door. After knocking the door (clapping our hands), we got to talk to an awesome guy named Fernando who wanted us to come back another day! Appointment set, and Future investigator found - - we continued. ..
Moral of the story? ...Turns out there's an equation to finding investigators! Follow the carrots + follow the chickens = Success!
Nada que ver pero eh igual, era muy chistoso...
That brings us to the major update of the week - TRANSFERSSSS!
I've been sent to San Juan, Los Pinos. It's an extraordinary Ward, (fancy that, an actual Ward and not a Branch!) filled with life and energy. I'm really looking forward to working here, and especially to being able to get to know the people and my new comp. Drum Roll please, ... ... ...
Elder McCausland! He hails from "El Fabrica" o sea Mapleton (basically Provo he tells me) Utah.
Hunter, Redhead, and Missionary Extraordinaire, Elder McCausland is what we call in this mission, the classic, tried and true 'capo' (Spanishy for stud). He's got about 14 months in the Mission, and is loving every single day of it.
So yeah - it was hard to say goodbye to Elder Thompson and Cordón del plata (and the spirit carrots and spirit chickens). It always is... But they've sent me north now, and more friends and places is always a good thing (at least the area is bigger that's for sure-- though you can't see the mountains, and so it's a little sad)...
That's about all for this week guys! You take care of yourselves back home! This is the work of the lord, and I absolutely love it! Keep reading the scriptures! Talk to your Heavenly Father because he always wants to hear from you!

Love you all!
-Elder Bigley


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