July 31, 2017


3rd Mission Assignment - Cordon del Plata


Elder Thompson

HAL 9000, More Field Trips and Hard Work

Yep, the title basically sums up our week…

On Monday, Elder Thompson and I went over to neighboring Tunuyan to go play some futbol with the youth of the branch, and with the zone of missionaries. Lots of fun was had. (mi pobre-cito compañero no podía porque de su concusión a si que no podía participar). Vamos a intentar mas fuertemente para encontrar un actividad en lo cual mi compañero puede participar esta próxima semana.

On Tuesday, we had our district meeting which was great, the Hermanas of our district had 2 baptisms this last Saturday which ‘rocked’ -- as the District Leader I was the one charged with interviewing them to make sure they were ready to be baptized, and the two girls, though very young (one with the age of 9 and the other 8), had a knowledge and understanding of the gospel of Christ that was impressive. After the District meeting, we had companion exchanges (…is that what they're called in English? Solo lo llamamos Intercambios en Castellano... mas fácil supongo) with the zone leaders from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon. They're capos. (Mission lingo for "studs").

Wednesday, after pranking the zone leaders by hiding balloons literally everywhere in their pension, (we must've stuffed 30 alone behind the mirror in their bathroom-- pictures to follow), we headed out to Mendoza to go see the doc on Elder Thompson's head. After a few quick inspections and reflex tests and questions, the doc basically told us that the headaches must be due to high levels of stress, not a concussion... We're all confused about that assessment, and we'll be going back soon for a scan to see if Elder Thompson's really got anything. We're still keeping an eye on him…

Thursday and Friday were pretty busy with Elder Thompson’s medical issues and I used the time to in our area to get some work done.

Saturday was - - - interesting. The baptismal interviews were in the morning so we took the bus over, got the interviews done, and went to the bank to take out some money to get back to the area. Funny thing about Argentine ATMs is that usually there's a line of about 20 people long in front of each one, and they break frequently, and they run out of money frequently. Such was the case when we went to the bank that morning. After waiting around 30 mins in the line, we got to the ATM, AND IT RAN OUT OF MONEY THE WITH THE GUY RIGHT BEFORE US! So after scrambling around hitting up various other ATMs from other banks that didn't work with the Mission card, we decided to take it on the chin and use personal money until Monday. The rest of the day went well as we were able to make many visits, and start teaching a ton of new faces. :)

Sunday was peaceful as well. We had some new faces come to church, I gave an assigned-five-minutes-ago talk on the Sabbath day, and we worked the rest of the day.

…Which brings us to today! All in all, the week went well, we're still a little confused about the doc's input because we've been getting different opinions from the Doctors here and the Doctors in the states, but hey - - -time will tell, as it always does… That's about all I've been up to this last week, I'm off to play some fútbol, eat asado, play chess, study the scriptures and so on. I hope you all have a great week! Say your prayers, read your scriptures, have a blast!

Love to all,

-Elder Bigley


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