July 24, 2017


3rd Mission Assignment - Cordon del Plata


Elder Thompson

Crazy Weeks, Crazy Comps, Grand Old Times

So, this week started off on a high note -- we went to the Cristo Rey and it was about 1 day after the snow so it was absolutely gorgeous. Pictures to follow :)

Then, chaos ensued and we traveled to Mendoza on Wednesday to go see a doctor for Elder Thompson's brain-bucket (protective headgear for his head injury). We ended up waiting for about an hour past our appointment to be seen, so we called it quits and rescheduled for next week (we can only be outside the apartment until a certain point, and it was getting late.
On Thursday morning, we headed directly to Tunuyan instead of our own area because we had interviews with our new president, Presidente Panzacchi at 10:00 a.m. The trip in bus was about 2 and a half hours, so we had an early start that morning... The interviews went well. We got stranded at the bus station for a couple hours waiting for the next one to our area, and got back to our apartment, showered, and headed over to Tupungato to be able to take the bus early the next morning to go to Zone Conference.

Friday was fun, as the zone conference was new, different, and all around good! In the evening we got back to our apartment, and got to do 3 whole days of work in our area the whole week! It was great because we made them count! We actually saw results, and it was awesome!

In other news, Calcifer (our hot water heater) -- has been replaced! With the new, improved, sparkly, technically advanced HAL 9000! Seriously HAL is so smart it's scary. He doesn't even have a pilot light! He uses the charge on batteries to zap the metal and spark the gas! His temperature is programmable by means of a knob on his face! All you have to do is turn him on and off! Not to mention the fact that he has sensors to detect if the water is running fast enough through him to maintain a normal temperature inside! If not, he shuts off without exploding the pipes, himself, of the apartment! He's awesome (a little scary though)! We'll see how he does… So long as some error in his programming doesn’t lead him to conclude that we are a risk to the mission!

In still other news, we've received a new apartment heater! It's a stand-alone one that you just have to plug in! It's great! As for a name? We're still working on that one…

It's really been a great week. The Andes are filling up with snow, and I love being a missionary. Helping people make important changes for the better in their lives is one of the most glorious works I have ever participated in, and hey, it comes with a lot of perks. Getting to know my Savior better, making lifelong friends, learning a new language, and AWESOME pictures… I hope you all have a great week! Appreciate God's creations! Love you all!

-Elder Bigley


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