February 24, 2020


Vijayawada, India


Elder Potter

I went to Disneyland

Such an awesome week! Things are moving along so fast! This week we had the opportunity to Baptize Durgarao! It was definitely very unforgettable! Before the baptism both him and his brother were very very nervous and wouldn't come out of the bathroom so we ran down from the top floor where we were filling the faunt and went and started talking to both of them how everything would all work out! And as we finally convinced them to come out and began to start going back up the stairs we notice water pouring down the stairs and we realized we had FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE FAUNT and it was overflowing and everything is marble here so nothing was slowing the water down haha so I started sprinting/slipping up the stairs trying to reach the drain and as I finally reached the drain and opened it I WAS SOAKED and the water here is very very polluted so easy to say my white shirt is ruined but we didn't have time for me to go back to the apartment and change so I had to sit on a chair completely soaked while everyone mopped up the water haha. Eventually we finally mopped it all up and had fixed the water level and we were ready for the baptism! Me and Elder Potter got to be the witnesses for his brother baptizing him and as he puts him under water his elbow was sticking out so we had to tell him he had to do it again! And as we are explaining to him he would need to do it again he just grabs him again and pushes him under the water and members start yelling at him in Talagu to stop haha so we stopped him and told him he had to do the full prayer again then dunk him so he says the prayer again and tries to push him under water but his elbow slipped out AGAIN! So we took a second let them all catch their breath and give it another go and he finally was able to be fully submerged! Definitely something I'll never forget hahaha!
We were also able to put 3 people this week on date for baptism! One of them is actually a pastor for a 300+ member church and he said he will leave his church next week so that we can baptize him on Easter Sunday! SO CRAZY haha.
We also found a place named "Disneyland" in our google maps so we instantly wanted to go visit but it was way out in the middle of the wilderness but we decided to go find it and we finally found it and it was completely abandoned so that was pretty cool!
India is a very very wild place and there hasn't been a day where I haven't seen something insane! But I know I am living the stories that I will be telling my family for the rest of my life! I'm so grateful for these experiences!
I love this church and all the feelings it brings me!
ప్రేమ Elder O'Reilly


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