February 12, 2020


Vijayawada, India


Elder Potter

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Intense week! Lots of lessons and lots of Talagu! I still don't know any real Talagu except for the basics but practice hopefully makes perfect haha. Me and my companion have been kind of forced to learn to speak due to no Missionaries in our area being able to speak it and no members in our branch being able to speak both English and Talagu, well enough to translate! So we have been put in kind of a rough spot, but on the bright side having the investigators not speak very good English has really helped me learn how to explain complicated things very simply which I know will help me a ton in the long run!
This week while reading in the Book Of Mormon I was reading in Helaman chapter 5 and I was blown away by how powerful of an impact Nephi's and Lehi's mission had on the Laminites! The majority of them were converted, they put away all of their hatred, they gave up their land back freely to the Nephites and the majority of Laminites became more righteous than the Nephites! And reading that made me really focus on what I want for my mission in India... obviously accomplishing any of the tasks Nephi and Lehi did would be more than amazing but I really do have some goals I have while being here and I realized only 20 months to accomplish them isn't even close to enough time. So the importance of going 110% the entire time is so big or I won't even come close to accomplishing what I have planned!
Today, actually, as Missionaries we had the opportunity to climb a mountain called "Swarba" and lots of people had the same idea I guess as well. On the hike I probably stopped 30 times for pictures with people and I started to become frustrated and annoyed with everyone grabbing me and making me stop. And as I was touching the bottom of the mountain, telling myself I'd never go there again the image of Christ appearing to the Nephites popped into my head. Him letting EVERY SINGLE ONE of them feel His scars in His hands and side. Christ didn't just let a couple of them feel and start to become frustrated but He let every single one of the Nephites, which would have taken close to 6 hours or more to feel His scars so they can know for themselves that He is our Savior... And what a blessing it is for us to have this gospel to know for ourselves that He is.
I love all of you and I love this gospel.
I love this church and all the feelings it brings me!
ప్రేమ Elder O'Reilly


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