January 28, 2020


Vijayawada, India


Elder Potter


Crazy week! It started off with Zone Conference, and at Zone Conference President Thomas pulled me aside and asked me to fill in for a missionary that is leaving so he wanted to know if I'd be willing to leave Rajamundry and head into Vijayawada! I was so psyched especially because Vijayawada has only been open to Missionaries for 2 years!

So after Zone Conference I jumped on a plane and flew to Vijayawada! Once I arrived I had to catch a train to a station near the apartment and the trains here are something else hahaha. They pile people in like chickens so I was sharing a seat with 4 people and as I'm sitting there I see this lady running up and putting her hands on people yelling and clapping and one of the Missionaries I was traveling with looked at me super serious and whispered "whatever you do don't look at her". So I instantly turn my face the other way and right as I turn away I feel a hand hit me in the head and clapping in my ear and as I am grinding my teeth and forcing my eyes shut turned away from the lady, I feel a hand slap me in the face! And as I start to stand up to throw this lady to Narnia I see these 2 train policemen wreck the lady and take the lady away and as I look at her I notice it wasn't a "her" but a dude dressed as a girl! So that'll be a funny story to tell in the future haha! I learned that those are what they call in India "clappers" and supposedly they are people who give blessings by putting their hands on peoples heads saying a bunch of words then asking for money. So it's easy to say I despise "clappers" now.

As I got to the apartment I met my new companion "Elder Potter" he's a stud! He's from Utah and has been out 18 months and speaks decent Talagu! So he's been teaching me! I also got to meet an old friend "Elder Halford" (Conner Halford) those of you that went to Oak Canyon with me would know who he is so it's awesome having him in my zone he's a stud!

That's really all for this week! The work is going awesome me and Elder Potter already put a person on date for baptism so that's exciting! It's pretty easy for me and him to find new people to teach because when we walk through the streets everyone wants pictures with 2 white guys so we make some connections that way haha.

I also found a new favorite drink called "fizz" it's pretty much "Martinelli's Apple Cider" but only costs 1 US dollar haha. I'll send a picture of me with it on our roof of the apartment attached to this email!

Our apartment is also right next to a Muslim Mosque so it's pretty cool waking up to Muslim prayers every morning and going to sleep with them every night haha.

Oh also! our church building here is soooooo lit. I'll send a pic of that also!

I love all of you and I love this church and all the feelings it bring me!
-Elder O'Reilly


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