December 17, 2019


Merced, California


Elder Johnson & Elder Washington

Week 11

Well this week was awesome! We are meeting lots of people and having great lessons!

We had transfers and I'm still with Elder Washington but Elder Tschappat went home! We got a new Elder Named Elder Johnson he is awesome!

Elder Washington goes home in 2 weeks so we are going crazy and doing tons of tracting for multiple hours a day and having tons and tons of lessons. One of the occasions that we were knocking doors a lady opened the door and she was superrrrr intoxicated. She wanted us to come in so we come in and as we walk in we see her grandparents sitting on the couch. I try talking to them but they only speak spanish so I talk to them a little about who we are and what we believe in the tiny bit of spanish that I speak. They start talking to me and pointing and laughing and they get the lady that opened the door to come and translate and she starts laughing a giggling. I can't understand what they are saying... she then tells me to hold on and she goes and yells down the stairs for her daughter. Her daughter comes up the stairs and she is like my age and all the ladies start laughing and they start speaking in spanish again and then the lady tells me that she wants me to marry her daughter... So I politely declined and we try to leave but she yells and says she wants us to eat before we leave. She made us food and it was super good haha and we say thank you and then we left but before I left I grabbed a book of Mormon and wrote in the inside "I know you are a little drunk right now but once you can read this give us a call to come back". Today she just called us and asked us to come back tomorrow! So that was sweeeeeet!

We also were fed last night by a family and they told us about how a missionary once came over to eat at their house and ate 18 tacos. So I instantly decided to beat it! I ate and ate and I ended up eating 21 TACOS so now they all call my "21" hahaha!

That's about all for this week!

Love all of you! Be sure you email me!! I love this church and all the feelings it brings me!

Love, Elder O'Reilly

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