December 9, 2019


Merced, California


Elder Washington & Elder Tschappat

Week 10

This week was awesome! I started off the week by fasting Monday and Wednesday asking for help to better find people that the Lord has prepared to hear His word and I was praying and praying and no luck... until last night!!!

We received a call from a member asking us about a young man and woman we know that's in our ward. The member then informed us the young man and young woman aren't members but have been coming to church before I had even gotten here!! So I began to think about the conversations I have had with him and her and they had both referred to me as "Elder". He had a great looking suit on and she had a beautiful dress on as well so I didn't even think twice about them not being members! So as soon as we found out they weren't we drove over to their house and taught them and during the lesson I had the strongest prompting to invite them to baptism and it's something I haven't even practiced in the MTC. I kept telling myself "it's only the first lesson" but before I could even plan out what I wanted to say the words just came out "Brian and Cecilee will you both choose to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized?" They both looked at me kinda shocked and I'm sure I looked just as shocked as they did but they looked at each other smiled and said yes! So we put them on date for December 28th!

I'm still in amazement honestly at how God really does prepare His children and I'm super grateful He answered my prayers!

I love being a missionary and I love this church and all the feelings it brings me!

Love, Elder O'Reilly


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