December 2, 2019


Merced, California


Elder Washington & Elder Tschappat

Week 9

Well I had my first heartbreak this week... We had been teaching this woman named Lydia and me and her had a really awesome connection we got to talk a lot and have really great conversations about the church and the after life and really cool things like that! On Wednesday we came to her house and she opened the door and told us she didn't want to meet with us anymore and my heart literally snapped... I'm pretty sure I looked like a child who had just had their toy taken away... I tried talking her and asking if we could do anything to change her mind and she said no and then shut the door on us. After she shut the door I don't think I talked for an hour I was just so sad and so sure Lydia was ready to change her life... I know there is a plan for her... I know it... After I prayed for her and gave me some time to shake it off I went to work!

We knocked doors for 4 hours and met 6 new interested people! Its not over for Lydia you already know we have plans to go back but even if she doesn't accept the gospel in this life I'm so grateful to know she will have a chance in the afterlife!

I love this church and all the feelings it brings me! Love,Elder O'Reilly
1) me and Elder Lee
2) me and my boy Gary


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