November 11, 2019


Merced, California


Elder Washington & Elder Tschappat

Week 6

This week was crazy! We started the week by going and blessing a Hmong persons home they had called one of the Elders in our apartment who speaks Hmong to come and help them get an evil spirit out of there home and me and him were companions for the day which meant I was gonna have to go haha! So we show up to the house and there is 2 flippen Goat Skulls hanging from the front door but Hmong people do crazy stuff like that so I just ignored it and as we are inside they are talking to my companion and I obviously can't understand a thing that they are talking about so I start to look around the house and the place is just TRASHED there are at least 6 fly traps completely covered in flies, raw meat on the stove and just super creepy war photos all over their house so my companion blesses the house and explains how they should try and clean up a bit and pray every morning and night at least and they say thank you and as we are leaving my companion asks me if I want a 'Hmong" name and I said yes so we ask the old lady if she could give me a Hmong name and she named me " Hwj Chim Muas" ( Hue Chee Moua) which means Gods power or Gods Authority so that was pretty cool! So now I get to order a new Missionary Tag with that name so that'll be sweet!

That's about it for this week! We are super close to bringing some people to baptism so we are working as hard as we possibly can to help them make that decision!

1) Some insane kids who stole my bracelet
2) Scriptures with the Cali sunset
3) Some lady on drugs trying to put gas in her toy car
4) Me


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