November 4, 2019


Merced, California


Elder Washington & Elder Tschappat

Week 5

Such an awesome week! Things are going so good! our mission is getting really close to getting 500 convert baptisms this year! So everyone is in overdrive trying to make that happen!

This week I was also able to lead my first lesson and it was awesome! Watching peoples faces just light up when concepts and truths about our church start to click and make sense in their minds is awesome!

On Wednesday this week we were tracting through this really rough apartment complex trying to find a woman named "Venessa". We decided to ask this older gentleman if he knew where she lived and he said "Oh ya she lives in 32D right there! When you go, be sure to knock really loud so that she can hear you though because her ears are super bad" So we walk up to 32D and just like he said we knocked super hard so that she could hear us and eventually a lady came to the door that was definitely not Venessa. She started yelling at us saying how she works nights and how we just woke her up and as we were trying to explain what happened she slammed the door on us hahaha. So we came down and found the man that had told us to knock hard and he was just laughing saying how he doesn't really know where Vanessa lives he just likes messing with that old lady haha. So that was pretty funny.

The next day on Halloween we were doing our morning companionship study and things we could do to help people and we all kept thinking about this little girl named Jasmine. Jasmine is the sweetest girl but her family is really poor and it's hard for them because Jasmine is in a wheelchair. Her whole family would be gone on Halloween so she wouldn't get to go trick-or-treating plus they couldn't afford a costume for her so even if anyone was home she didn't wanna look dumb. So me and my companions came up with a plan... We have this random door at our apartment that we put in the back of the truck then we went and bought a costume for her (after getting permission). Then we bought SO MUCH CANDY, like literally it could have filled 3 pillowcases haha. We then drove over to her house and placed the door in front of her door and rang her doorbell and she came and opened the door and knocked on our door and we handed her all the candy and the costume. We told her how a mom was coming soon to take her out to trick-or-treat and she was SOOOOO HAPPY and started crying. It was just the coolest thing for me to see. Nothing feels better than serving seriously...

That's really all for this week the friend who wanted help with evil spirits didn't answer us on Saturday so that was a bummer hahaha.

Anyways, I love all of you so much thank you for all of the emails please keep em coming!
Love, Elder O'Reilly


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