October 28, 2019


Merced, California


Elder Washington & Elder Tschappat

1 Month (Fresno, California)

I'm in FRESNO BABY! My new mailing address is (1814 North Echo Avenue, Fresno California, 93704) I'm actually serving in a town called "Merced" right now! It's pretty ghetto haha but the people here, you can just tell, are ready to learn about Christ!

I'm in a trio right now with an Elder Washington and Elder Tschappat they are actually the Zone Leaders! We also share our 2 bedroom apartment with 2 other Elders, Elder Lee and Elder Kauvesi! Elder Lee speaks Mong and Elder Kauvesi speaks Fijan!

In Merced 65% of the population speaks Spanish so both of my Elders speak pretty good Spanish! They are teaching me the basics so now if someone Spanish opens the door when we knock I can explain who we are and can give them the info of the Spanish Elders hahaha

My first day here we were heading to teach some people and as we were walking up to their door a chihuahua came bolting for me and as I'm attempting to flippin run away it bites my ankle and wouldn't let go! So the owner comes out and yells the dogs name and it finally let go and ran back to whatever deep dark cave it came from.

On Friday we also got to go to the Zoo and do some service and it was so fun haha we got to mess around with all the animals and pet the deer and stuff!

COOL STORY: On Saturday we got a call from one of our Investigators asking us to come over to help him with some "service" so we drive over to his house and we knock and when he answers it he is holding the plant "sage" and it's smoking and he invites us in and then begins to throw this cup of water he had in his other hand all over the walls. We begin to ask him what's going on and he said AN EVIL SPIRIT WON'T LET HIM SLEEP! So I started asking him questions and he tells me how at night his sheets and blankets always get ripped off him while he is sleeping and he hears footsteps walking around all the time. He then asks us to bless the house and we agree so he takes us to his bedroom and we bless his house and when we finish the prayer he starts crying and saying thank you and hugging us. IT WAS INSANE! He also explained how his friend also was having problems with spirits and asked us to meet at his friends house this Saturday so i'll be sure and explain how that goes in the next email haha

Anyways I love all of you so much and I miss you all A TON be sure to email me!

Love, Elder O'Reilly


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