October 22, 2019


Provo MTC


Week 3 (goodbye MTC)

I cannot believe this is my last day in the MTC before I am out serving the people of Fresno, California! I can't wait to become a vessel for the spirit and to preach the word of God! Saying goodbye to my district this morning was rough! I've grown to love every single one of them and I know they will all do amazing things!

I wanna say thank you to everyone that has sent me a package! I have received so many without names so if you sent me one please let me know so that I can thank you! I'll also make sure I put my new mailing address in my next email!

This week was so crazy! Yesterday me, Elder Barr and Elder Tua'one were in an elevator when I grabbed the doors and tried to open them and to my surprise they did! but as soon as I opened them a little bit the elevator lost power and we fell all the way to the parking garage haha. After we hit the bottom, the elevator has these big springs that catch it and caused us to bounce a couple times haha. Once we stopped bouncing, we hit the emergency button, the doors closed and a lady at the front desk told us to stay put and that someone would come to get us. As we are sitting waiting, the elevator starts shooting back up to the 6th floor and we are so scared it was gonna fall again. We were sitting gripping the handle bars as tight as possible and the doors just open and a group of elders and sisters are just staring at us so we jump off and we were all okay haha.

I also got to be a Zone leader for a day and fill in for the old ones. So my job was to show new missionaries around and afterwards most of them came to my room and we played a game where everyone faces the wall and I have a ball and I turn out the lights and throw the ball against the wall and you just hope it doesn't hit you haha.

I had one really cool thing happen to me last night. At around 12 I was brushing my teeth and as I was brushing I heard some weird noises coming from the hallway and as I'm done brushing my teeth I turn the corner and I see an Elder I had taken on a tour earlier on his knees throwing up all over. So I go over to him and help him to the bathroom and I am sitting there with him and he is throwing up over and over and over so at around 2 he asks me to give him a priesthood blessing. So I run and wake up Elder Tua'one and we give him a blessing right there in the bathroom and about 2 minutes later he was done throwing up and we were able to take him to a nurse... It's amazing the blessings this church gives faithful people...

I love this church and all the feelings it brings me!
- Elder O'Reilly


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