October 15, 2019


Provo MTC


Week 2

Another week down in the MTC 1 more to go! I honestly love it here though and I'm going to miss all the friends I'v made here, it's going to be a hard goodbye for sure. Me and my district are so close it's crazy haha.
Me and all the Elders in my residence started a little bit of a prank war this week and it is so funny how careful everyone is to keep their doors locked and make sure they dont fall asleep in front of any of us haha. It's so fun for me and Elder Barr because we took a janitor key from the janitors office and we can get into anyone's room now and me and him set alarms for ourselves at like 2am and we sneak out of our rooms and use the key to open peoples doors and we open them SUPER carefully and once we have the door opened a good bit we SLAM the door as hard as we can and sprint and jump back into our beds haha and the next day the Elders we do it to always tell all of us how the residence is haunted and that they always wake up to their door slamming shut hahaha so that should keep me busy for a while!
I also have some cool news! Until I get my Visa for India I am re-assigned to serve in Fresno California!!! I'm SO HYPED especially because I'll be right next to my best friend Elder Johnson!
I also got my flight plans for India when we go and they are INSANE the flight plans in total consist of 37 hours of travel! Our first flight is to New York, New York then from there we fly to Paris, France then from there we go to BANGALURU, INDIA BABYYYY it's so funny talking to people about where they are going and when they notice my name tag in English it usually means you are staying in the states but when I tell them India English speaking they freak out hahaha.
I wanna just share something quick about my experience at the Temple last week. Me and all my District went to do initiatories and it was awesome but afterwards as all us Elders were waiting for the Sisters to change we decided to go look at the baptismal font and as we walk down we saw this young man being baptized over and over and over and this little girl watching as a witness and as we watched more and more we realized the young man had Down Syndrome and as we kept watching the young man had to have done close to 80 names got out of the water and looked at all of us with the BIGGEST smile and waved to us and we all waved back and as we were waving one of the temple workers came up to us and explained the young man was serving a mission! We all waited for him and he gave us the biggest hugs and it just had to have been one of the top 3 most beautiful things I'v ever seen...
I Love this church with all my heart and all the feelings it brings me and I honestly cant wait to serve the people of California and India.
Elder O'Reilly


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