October 8, 2019


Provo MTC


Week 1

Hey everyone!
I seriously don't even know where to begin... This week has been the most important week of my life! I love the MTC the spirit here is insane. My district is awesome! It has 6 Elders Me, Elder Tua'one, Elder Barr and my companion Elder St. Gelais it also has 4 sisters, Sister Anderson, Sister Palmer, Sister Parker and Sister Beckstrand! I was also called to be the District leader! Which sounds cooler then what it is haha I'm just mostly in charge of getting mail and making sure everyone in my district is doing okay plus more meetings and if any companionship needs to switch for a little while they can come ask me and I can give them the go ahead!
I miss all of you so much! My emails wont be very long they will mostly just be of stories haha which reminds me of one I need to tell you all about!
Me and my Companion are always with the other Elders, Barr and Tua'one and on the second day we were late for a meeting so we started running to catch the elevator because we are on the 6th floor and it was PACKED so we all squeeze in and when we finally get to the top we all step off but we cant find Elder Tua'one! So we waited for the next 2 elevators to come up and still no sign of him! So we told our Zone Leader and he told us to go back down with Elder Barr to help look for him so we start looking on all of the floors for him and we cant find him! And Elder Tua'one is a 350 pound Tongan so its not like he could be hiding from us! So we decide to head back up to tell our zone leaders and as we get to the top we find the Zone leaders on the floor Laughing!! Saying "we found your lost Elder" and as we turn the corner we see Elder Tua'one one hand holding his suit coat and his tie in the other with his shirt buttoned down 3 or 4 DRENCHED IN SWEAT hahaha the poor guy had taken the STAIRS 6 floors up! when he saw us we were expecting him to be mad but he starting running up to us and giving us all a big bear hug saying "I thought I lost you Elders, never leave me or make me take the stairs again".
Me and my companion also had our first TRC which is a lesson usually with an actor being an investigator but can sometimes be a real one and it went AMAZING I got her to CRY hahaha the spirit was so strong that afterwards me and my companion had so much energy we started sprinting through the campus to our residence hall and as we were waiting all the other Elders started sprinting down the halls too! saying how good theirs was as well haha man I love this church and the feeling it brings me.
Anyways I'v also gotten a couple emails asking about my mailing address! while I'm in the MTC the address is:10-22 IND-BANG2005 North 900 EastUnit 58Provo UT, 84602
I love all of you so much and I cant wait to email all of you and hear about how everyone is doing! This Church is true! (sorry this is so long)
Love, Elder O'Reilly


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