January 28, 2016



Elder Littlejohn

MTC Week 3

Well hello everyone!
And yet another week has gone by in the good ole' MTC! Nothing super exciting happened other then I was able to visit my great old friend the dentist again which was the worst thing ever but better here than the Philippines right? Haha Anyway let me tell you about my week.
Well it started off on Friday and it was just like any other day in the MTC. It has its ups and its downs but it was pretty much just the same as every other day haha, but you have to start somewhere right? I mean endure to the end!
Unfortunately Saturdays are probably the worst day in the MTC because they seem like they drag on for quite awhile, all we really did was go to class and eat that about sums up every Saturday in the MTC. But I really enjoyed my class this weekend!
Oh man Sundays are my second favorite day in the MTC because they are pretty laid back and I really enjoy walking up to the temple every weekend! I taught a district lesson on obedience which seems like it is a reoccurring topic in the mission field but for good reason because it bring blessings when you are obedient! I have learned that lesson for myself. Sunday night one of the Elders in my zone shared a very personal story with me (obviously I can't share it) but it was a very spiritual opportunity for me because he is such a great guy and I enjoyed helping him with his trial!
So this Monday may have been the best one yet because I got some letters and packages in the mail which are the greatest things ever btw (hint hint) um and I realized when I was teaching my lessons that the language is really starting to come to me which is a blessing because I am already half way done in the MTC which seems pretty insane! Any way Elder Littlejohn leaves next week and that will be hard because him, Elder Froerer and I have grown so close over the last couple weeks because we are pretty much the same person haha!
Well Tuesday started off with an awful dentist trip and not because of the actual dentist just the work that he had to do! But better here than in the field! Anyway after the dentist Elder Littlejohn and I got permission to walk to a CVS Pharmacy and buy him a phone so he can call when he leaves which was weird because we were actually in a real store haha!
Yesterday was cool for one reason! We got to host the new missionaries coming to the MTC which was awesome because we can tell them advice about what to do and what not to do. Other than that I had a really good talk with my teacher about missions and I heard my favorite quote since I have been out here which is "Missions don't change a person, Jesus Christ changes a person" and I loved that quote because I can relate to it! Anyway I wish the best of luck to everyone and to have a safe week out in the big bad world and hope to hear from you all!


-Elder Kenneth McKay Banta


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