January 15, 2016



Good Morning Everyone!

Good Morning Everyone!

Well it has been quite a first week here at the MTC there have been some ups and some downs, but hey thats gonna happen right? Ok, where do I start? So Wednesday the first day we entered the MTC and they pushed us through a line and got us our tags and keys to our new rooms, I felt so cool because, I was officially on my own for once but I still love my family. So after we got put into our classes which was nice but it was all in Tagalog which was new but it was cool to finally hear the language. After class we had an orientation on where everything is in the MTC its a maze of buildings in here!!! We met our Kasama (Companion) during our first class and mine was from Spanish Fork, UT he is a great guy who is very driven to learn the language which is awesome because it pushes me to try even harder to memorize phrases. Later Wednesday night we had dinner and it really was pretty good. Wednesday night we just had a meeting with our new branch president.

Thursday we woke up and went to breakfast then after that we went to our first study time which was fun because i am going to have to force myself to study now. Just like school right mom? ;) After that we went to a People in our purpose where we taught a fake investigator with a room of about 25 Elders and Sisters which it was cool to hear everyone's testimony of conversion. After that we met with the Branch President President Howard and they called a new district leader and surprise it's me! Im excited for the opportunity to lead such a great group of Elders. After that we just went back to the rooms and played games which it was good to bond with everyone.

Friday was our first day of gym time and boy that time is golden in here, haha I played basketball with my companion and my district which it was nice to burn off some steam finally. We met our new teachers on Friday and even taught an investigator in Tagalog which by the way Tagalog is not as much like spanish as I first thought! After that we went to dinner and I got my first Letter! Thanks Mom and Dad for the pakages! Oh and Kate Too! I love you :)

We went to the gym and decided to try running around the track, ya that did not last very long and I ended up just playing volleyball which by the way is so much harder then it really seemed to be! After gym we shower and go to class pretty much everyday so we learned how to pray in Tagalog and yes as of right now I can say a full prayer in Tagalog which it amazes me how much we have all learned even in just one week! Our teacher thinks that we already know about 500 words! So not fluent but its a start! Unfortuantely we had an Elder in our zone go home saturday morning because, he was home sick which sucks because i liked him but at least he is happier now then he was.
The first thing I love about Sunday is that it is laid back and everyone seems to be in a better mood then usual so it starts out with a ZL and DL meeting with our branch president then we got to sacrament meeting where I was able to pray which was awesome. Then you go back to your room for "study" which is really just sleeping but lets not tell anyone that. Then we went and walked around the temple and took pictures which was awesome to see the outside world again!!! After that we had choir (yay) then we had a devotional with the Brother who oversees the teaching in the MTC which was cool becuase, he told us that repentance is not a verb it is a lifestyle that we all must live which I thought was a cool way to look at it.

Nothing special happened on Monday I spent most of the Day in the Medical Clininc with my kasama (companion) becuase he is having some problems and is trying to get them sorted out but I have been watching Mormon Messages which is nice for a change. After that we went back to class and threw together a 15 min lesson that we wnt and taught to our fake investigator but even though he is fake it still seems like he is trying to learn what we are teaching him. After class it goes lunch and then another class which is usually study time which is nice becuase, you can study at your own pace and study what you want. after that we went back and my kasama is not doing well but we are trying to work through it together, I gave him a blessing and we said a prayer as a district for him.

Started out alot like monday with spending the morning n the clinic and trying to figure out what is bothering my kasama. He seems to be doing better! The best part was Neil Anderson of the 12 came and spoke to us it was awesome! His main point was that teaching the gospel should be a simple but dedicated task and to always keep Jesus Christ in your heart and your mind!.

Well the bad news is today my companion went home but hes a great man and is going to push through this and get back out and serve I know he is because he is very strong and determine! I love that guy and know he will be fine! But the rest of the day sucked because of that but we got our old fake investigator as our new teacher! Mind Blowing.

Well now to answer your questions mom,
1. I love my district so much and my zone we have 3 elders, one from samoa, one from micronesia and one from California who all are way funny and love the Gospel!
2. The language is coming, its hard but not as hard as I thought so just gotta keep learning!
3.My favorite part is my district and how we mess around in the hall during the quiet time!
4. The hardest part was having my kasama go home that sucked because we tried to save him but he will get better help at home and now he is happy!
5. I want a real towel and a real blanket please :)
6. And of course I miss and love my mom :)

Mahal Kita,
Elder Kenneth McKay Banta


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