November 13, 2013


Hampton Bays, New York, United States


Elder Turley

Birthday in the Mission Field

Okay, so I'll start off with the big stuff, and then we will see what time is left for the less exciting stuff. :) First off, yesterday was my birthday. I thank you all for the birthday wishes. :) You all probably want to know what I did.. well, we started out with our morning studies, headed to the church for a very spiritual district meeting. I assigned Elder Durney to give a workshop of "charitable fearlesses" to just remind everyone why it is that we go out there everyday and talk to people in the streets. He did a super good job, and got us all pumped up. :) After that, the sisters cooked fried chicken and some mashed potatoes, and Elder Hart made some baked macaroni and we had a district lunch/celebration of my birthday. We also had an acitivity with the English district on Saturday, and a member had our district over for cake on Sunday. We have had a cake on each of those days, and yesterday we just had ice cream. :p We all need to be careful with all these birthdays and holidays coming up! We still have 3 more birthdays to celebrate this month.
 So after lunch, we headed to Rego Park to pick up our ipads. It was a 2 hour training process, but they really got us pumped up to get out there and work with our new tools. They shared with us D&C 88:73 more than once.. check it out. The time is now. :p
 I really enjoyed having the ipad this morning. I LOVE the gospel library app. I have been on my whole mission now, watching my investigators love using it, and now I finally get the chance. Studies were so amazing this morning, and it made cross referencing so fast.. click the look.. and you are there. switch back, keep reading. super nice. I also love these apps that the church has made for us missionaries, especially our Area book planner app. They are combined, so all the info goes together. We have been trying to rapid enter information into the app so that we can be purely effective in our work. (that's our district vision haha) It was fun to play with it this morning, and will make organizing and planning way more effective, and way easier to do. I will be a lot more thorough at doing it now that I don't have to use paper. I have always hated paper work.. The only down side is, that the info is only on one ipad until we sync them, but we need wifi to do that, which we don't have at our pad. :/ So, that means I have half the info, and Elder Turley has the other half. Time to go to the church soon and sync up!! haha
 Other than that... this week was a little slow for us over all. I was sick for a chunck of it, and right when I was feeling better, Elder Turley got sick. We needed to be a little more coordinated with that I think. :p We weren't really able to teach any lessons sadly.. we had one facebook lesson with one of our investigators, those are always interesting. He is 12, so it has been good to test it on him. We might try a skype lesson soon. Other than that, we just tried talking to as many spanish people as wee could. :) It was a really good week as far as finding potentials, and we might start seeing the new investigators come in soon. Finally. :p Having facebook as an option in fearlesses has been super nice. There is a lot of these spanish people who are afraid to give you their addresses and phone numbers, but, they are more than willing to have a chat on facebook. We will see if it can turn into anything for us.
 I think that is about it for me. This week I will be making a scripture group on facebook, and I will put up a daily message. I'm sure you could subscribe or whatever and get it sent to your phone if you want. Feel free to invite whomever to join.
 Love you all! Elder Nelson


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